How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Dengue Fever Virus

With the lessening of the symptoms of the coronavirus covid19. There is a viral infection that is spreading in the air in the form of mosquitoes. The history of dengue is dates back to 1950 in Thailand and the Philippines. There is a dengue mosquito that helps in the spread of the dengue. The dengue virus is now found in parts of Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and Africa. The people that are mostly affected by the virus are Small children, adults, pregnant women, and people who have low immunity.

Dengue is spread by the bite of a female mosquito of the spices Aedes aegypti and varies in the form of four variants i.e. Dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, and Zika viruses. Dengue is a viral fever but is life-threatening if proper precaution is not taken. The symptoms that people observe are high fever along with body aches. Nowadays the national capital of India i.e. Delhi is the prey of the Dengue virus. With ongoing viral infection let us take a look at some of the symptoms, precautions, and prevention measures so that we can together deal with this situation:


The symptoms of dengue range from person to person. One out of 4 people develops the symptoms of dengue. Some often develop the serious condition of dengue.  Let us look at some of the symptoms that people come across. The symptoms that people encounter can be like that of the flu with fever ranging from high to low intensity. The symptoms of dengue can be accompanied by the following factors:

  • Muscles pain
  • Vomiting
  • Severe headache
  • Nausea
  • Rashes

The critical stage usually arrives when the fever does not lower. This stage usually started after 3-7 days before the previous stage. Severe dengue can be fatal along with the other factors:

  • Feeling restless or tired
  • Bleeding from body parts such as gums, nose, urine, and stool
  • Frequent vomiting (at least 3 to 4 times) 
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in stomach or belly


The dengue virus can transmit through:

Mosquitos: The female mosquitos carrying the DENV virus when feed to the human body can transmit the virus to the human being. The virus is then transmitted to various organs with the blood flow. This may take up to 2 to 3 days to show the proper sign of infection.

Human beings: Human beings can also transmit the dengue virus. If a person is infected with a viral infection. The mosquito feed on the human being in that case it will also infect the mosquito. That will endanger another human being.

There are rare cases of dengue that have been witnessed in the case of the vertical transmission from the pregnant woman to their newborn baby.  

If you are suffering from the dengue virus take the blood test after getting consulted by a doctor. RTPCR reports are done to find the exact medical situation and for the proper treatment. There is no proper treatment except for getting properly treated at the exact time.

Precautionary Measures

Following precautions need to be taken to fight this infection:

  • Try to remain in a proper air-conditioned area or surrounding. Remain in a mosquito net for a week or till the symptoms are not reduced.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as it is used to fight fever.
  • Surroundings should be clean.
  • Stagnated water can be thrown or get properly covered. The mosquitoes breed in an area that is contaminated.
  • Cover yourself properly to avoid mosquito bites. Use mosquitoes repellents.
  • Skin exposure should be minimized.
  • Properly shield your house from mosquitoes. Block all the passages that can be an entry point to mosquitoes. 
  • Consult your doctor regularly.
  • Eat things that help in the increase of platelet levels such as goat’s milk, carrots.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Zika virus is the name that is heard and read through various articles, newspapers, and news. Zika virus has a long history, which dated back to 1947. The origination was from the Zika forests of Uganda, named the virus Zika. The female mosquito of the species Aedes caused the viral infection. Mosquito is most active during the daytime. There is no detailed information about this virus. India is now witnessing the cases of the virus.

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