A Brief Guide on How to Sleep Better : 9 Tips for Children and Teenagers

A night of good sleep is required for a sound mind and body. Due to the lifestyle or busy schedule, most people are struggling for perfect sleep. The technology exposure and the other exterior factors there is a disturbance in the pattern in how we sleep, eat and do other things. Let us look at some of the tips for sound sleep:

Make a sleep routine: Know your body inside out. Set time for each activity you do every day. Do not hit the bed after feeling drowsy or on the weekend. The weekend sleep disturbs your sleeping pattern in case of drowsiness take a smart nap of 5-10 minutes to relax your mind. After sleeping eat a heartful, healthy breakfast and drink water to fight dehydration. 

Create a relaxed atmosphere: Make your bedroom area a comfortable space. Declutter your living room as it will affect your brain and in turn, will hamper your sleeping. Set your room at the perfect temperature required for your body. The temperature cannot be too hot or too cold. Lower the surrounding noise if possible. 

Physical work: Stretching your legs sometimes can help you in good sleep. Switch on to some physical activity to relax your mind and can put you in a good sleep at night.

Choose your bed: The bed should be comfortable. Try to make your bed every day and keep it neat. Choosing the right type of mattress, pillows, and linen sheets according to the body can provide a relaxing sleep.

Sleeping is not the priority: While hitting on the bed do not make sleep a priority but relaxing your mind and body will be the priority. Relax body can heal all your body parts. Restless sleep can break down the body and make you feel tired the whole day. Leave all the work outside your leaving room and enjoy your area.

Cut down your caffeine: Intake of caffeine also hampers your sleep process. Do not make the habit of taking caffeine while going to bed. It will shift your sleep by 2-3 hours. This in turn will reduce your routine of 7-8 hours.

Fluids intake: Going to bed, do not sip too much water as it will keep you awake at night. The more will be the fluid intake frequent will be the visit to the washroom. Alcohol consumption also disturbs your sleep and takes a toll on your hormonal balance.

Check the amount of light: Natural lights are the best for your body and skin. The room should be exposed to much natural light. Take time to absorb most of the natural light. As the day starts, the room should be well lit without the need for artificial light. Light exposure should be according to the day. At night, dim lights should be used in washrooms and keep your room dark as possible. Avoid electronic gadgets such as television, laptops, and cellphones before hitting the bed.

Reserve your bed: The bed is only to be used for sleeping. Do not take everything to your bed. Reserve different spots to do a different activity. The bed should be kept away from electronic gadgets.

A simple and relaxing body position should be kept that will not result in backaches and neck pain. 

Drinking and eating healthy things, doing yoga and meditation can help in the long run. You had to cut down your wrong habits of taking tobacco, nicotine, cigarettes can disturb your pattern. End your day with a relaxing mood and a stress-free environment. Worrying too much can reduce the quality of sleep. Try to involve an activity that may be beneficial to you in a long run. As the shortcuts are of short duration.

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