Ideas for a Morning Routines That will Make you Happier

Every generation hustles for waking early. Sometimes there is a rush to do the work, go to the school or offices. Monday mornings are often seen with people struggling to get back to their routine. Planning a routine is a good thing but to follow it is a bigger task. To plan a routine that will be happily followed is everyone’s demand. To live a happy life one had to take extra efforts. Let us have a look:

  1. New Light: However, the tough day you had face last day. With every new ray, there has been a new ray of light or hope. Look everything from positive point. Start your day with a new set of tasks and accomplish them according to your limit.
  1. Early start: Leaving bed is important step to start the day. Set your alarm clock to the time 15 minutes before you woke. Slowly try to wake at around 5 am or 6 am. This is will help in exactly planning your day. Take out pen and paper and note down the tasks that you had to perform that day. Leaving the time for an unexpected task that can occur at any time. This is the important step that most people struggle and by achieving this you are already ahead of most of the people.
  1. Cleanliness: For comfortable and sound sleep. Try to keep your room clean. A clean bed can help you keep away from bacteria. The bed is the only place that you leave and you need it at the start and the end of the day. A proper bed is a basic requirement that you need at the end of a tiring day.
  1. Meditation and yoga: Take out 15 to 20 minutes to dedicate yourself and connect with the nearby surrounding and yourself. Meditation helps to focus your mind and brain. Simple yoga poses can give you a long-term health benefit. Sometimes taking time in the morning does not work in the best way. Females mostly encounter this problem as they had to accomplish many things in the morning. They give priority to themselves after they had completed their 50% of work. So, choose the time that is ideal for you.
  1. Show compassion and gratitude: Leave a thank you note for the people or family members that helped you throughout the day. Most people are weak in saying things so they maintain a diary to write their thoughts. This helps in connecting your mental well-being to yourself and self-reflecting your thoughts. This shows the feeling of compassion.
  1. Give fuel to energy: Feeling tired after leaving the bed. Drink water as your body is without fluids during your sleeping duration. Drink hot and cold water according to the season to get your body, mind, and bowel system moving. Leaving bed does not mean that you are getting up tiredly. You require a fully functional body to work the entire day.
  1. Grab some natural light: Inhale fresh air. Take deep breaths and feel the fresh air within different body parts. This is used to awaken your senses of the body.
  1. Evening: You do not only have to plan your day but a good evening also you to retain a good night’s sleep. Make your evening stress-free. Spend your time with friends and family members. Talk to them. Listen to their point of view and thoughts. 

Planning your entire day and having a good night’s sleep gives you a sense of achievement. 

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