5 Small Daily Habits that Have a Significant Positive Effect on your Brain

Daily habits had a significant effect on our life. We advise others about lifestyle changes to complete the day-to-day activity. Daily chores and routine have a significant effect on the brain it can be negative or positive. Sometimes we often feel lazy but the daily routine habits can boost our energy and stop feeling tired. Brain damage affect the whole body mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


Food is important for the vital functioning of the human body. Energy is provided through the food which helps in the functioning of the whole body and the mind. Spices are also important for maintaining mental health. I took turmeric as powder and mixed with vegetables. Oily foods not only contribute to cholesterol but handle the slow functioning of the brain. The brain has a large stock of glucose, which is used when we think, reason, and perform brain functions. Whole saturated foods are good as they break down slowly and give full-day energy. Too much salt is harmful to your brain.


People often come with the excuse they do not have. They have the stuff to do. You do not need a full day to work it out. Only 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient. Exercise not only means expensive equipment in an enormous space but in a small space. They are of two types:

  • Mental exercise

Mental exercises are important for the brain’s functioning. Take a break from electronic devices now and then. Regularly seating at a place can leave you tired. Games like scrambles and puzzles help in brain activity. Leaving the brain inactive for a long time can drain mental strength. Try the simple brain stimulating activity to make the brain sharp.

  • Physical exercise

Exercises are a great way to connect with the rhythm of the body. Movement meditation practices can help in working your mind and body. Running, walking, and jogging regulate the blood supply to the brain. Spending time with yourself is good to understand your thought process. Regular meditation can help you increase the memory storage area of the brain.


Sleep plays an important role in thinking properly. You often heard people complaining that they need adequate sleep. Lack of sleep hampers your thought process and your body strength. This leads to a lack of focus. During sleeping whole body relaxes but your mind does not stop. It stores the piece of information that you have encountered whole day. This helps in building memory. How to sleep better should be the priority. At most, 7 – 8 hours of sleep is important.

Social Gatherings

During the lockdown, most people have switched to binge-watching or screen time instead of social interaction. This raised the situation of social isolation, leading to loneliness that affects sleep patterns. Involving with people from different grounds helps us understand the people better. People usually spent their day on the digital platform. With the lockdown,health improvement is necessary while working from home. During that time, there is a psychological change in the human being. Interaction with your loved ones and friends can improve your mood.


The brain usually comes across 34GB of information every day, which can overload any digital equipment. Because of the use of digital platforms, and online applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Twitter scrolling, various platforms overload your brain. Try to avoid multitasking as it reduces focus and stability.

Because of the lifestyle, our eating habits, social life and our surrounding area have affected in a big way. Healthy eating, exercises, and socially active life are great way to improve mental health.

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