What is Black Friday Sale – The History and Future of Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday” as the name suggests, is some violent day. We celebrate Black Friday as Thanksgiving Day in the USA. The festivals of light follow Thanksgiving Diwali. We mark the last Friday of November as Black Friday. This day marks the beginning of traditional Christmas shopping. In India, we do not know at all.

History of Black Friday

We dated the history of Black Friday back to 1789 when president George Washington named this day “humble and sincere thanks”. We mark this day as the nationwide Holiday since 1863. Earlier in schools, during exam time, the Friday, Black Friday. There is no connection to the shopping.

Retails while maintaining the account register use the black and red color. The red entry in the register shows a loss, and black highlights the profit. The end of November witnessed many entries in the register. To appreciate the customers, the retails started giving discounts and offers on the products. In 1960, the Philadelphia police observed congestion on the road on the Friday during the November month.

Similarly, the factories saw the leave of the employees before the customer. The factories decide to offer leave to their employees. During this time, the business owner has seen profits in their business. 

But as time passes, we use this term in association with thanksgiving in the middle of the 20th century. We mark Black Friday as the starting day of the Christmas weekend sale. They offered discounts in both online and offline stores. The retail and e-commerce store has given discounts and offers on their products. 

Changing Trend

With Christmas coming, the family members have to shop. As the Christmas tradition completes with the exchange of presents. Seeing the demand of the gifts. Online retails are offering discounts on every product.

In the years 2019 and 2020, while the CORONA virus was emerging outside. Most people surf online on their laptops and cell phones to order the products. The precautionary norms of maintaining the distance for the safety of the loved ones. The e-commerce sites have boomed in large numbers. With a lower number of footfalls, there is a large There are nearly around 4,00,000 retailers are available on Amazon. 

This year will see the festive aura in the air as the cases of the virus are dripping low. With restrictions uplifting. The people of the country are looking forward to their festivals. They put the offers on every significant product. The retails also face a risky situation while going shopping. As sometimes the shopping scene becomes chaotic and with bitter memories.  

In India, Thanksgiving Day is not common. This day comes after the major festivals of Diwali. The projects such as “Make in India” welcomed all the local artists and businesses. They are selling their products online. Amazon and Flipkart have set up a discount on their sites to celebrate Black Friday.

The e-commerce sites Amazon celebrate their Black Friday in July, popularly known as prime Day. So, check out your favorite e-commerce sites and get your products ready as the sales are on the way.

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