How to Make Brain Sharp: Try These Simple Brain Stimulating Activities

How to Make Brain Sharp

The quote is often said or heard “A Healthy Mind comes from a Healthy Body”.  This is true but you should take care of your mind first. As the mind controls all the body functions and the mental functions such as thinking, wanting, and feeling. A sharp and active brain is often appreciated because it learns things fastly. The brain works non-stop throughout the night and day. You had to exercise and train your brain to make its simulation faster. 

Regularly feed your brain: Learning new things will help your brain to work properly. This is a new form of exercise. The brain stores and processes all that you had learned. This will also affect your thinking process. As you can act in a different and new manner depending on the situation. Different types of learning not only train your brain but also manages and effectively process the information.

Loosen yourself: Explore a variety of mind relaxation techniques and focus exercises. This will help to calm your senses and give a break to your mind. During focus, there is no disturbance and you had to focus inside yourself instead of outdoor. This will help to strengthen your core. 

Interval: Do not sit around for a long time sticking to one subject or topic. Your mind starts to feel bore and ultimately results in body tiredness. Take a break of 5-10 minutes in between. Take a sip of water or two. Walk around for 5 min. Taking a break can help you to refresh your mind.

Engage in memory games: Nowadays in mobile, there are games available that are based on memory like finding the missing object. For children, there are games like lost and found, hidden treasure. This will help you in the process of decision-making or choosing what is right or wrong. Video games now come with a variety of options such as mystery games, adventurous, and war games. With technological advancement, video games are also equipped with the latest weapons. This will aid as a mind opener.

Make Learning Interesting: Learning not only includes basic school education but you can look for different skills such as singing and playing an instrument. Make use of different tunes and nodes to activate your brain signals called neurons. Every person has different skills and the reaction is different to everything we listen to.

Good friends: People are known by the company he keeps. There are two friends of human beings i.e friends and books. Stay away from people who used to crib at smaller problems. Good friends and a social network not only enlighten your thoughts but gives you good advice. Take part in social activities it is used to sharpen the brain. Socializing can save you from brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The disease of having short-term memory. 

Distribute your mind: Play with your mind by doing something adventurous or the thing that you have not tried before. If you are a right handy. Try to do the same thing with your left hand. As most of you had seen the movie “3 idiots” in which the dean of the college with the real name as ”Boman Irani”. The dean writes the suspension letter of the two students using both hands and at the same speed. Nothing is impossible if you train your brain properly. Change your hands while eating or writing.

Live different lives: Afraid of reading a book. Try reading a simple fairytale. You will get the feeling of the main male/female character of the book. When the book is completed it will be like that you had played a role in this book. Different stories will give you a unique experience and a wider approach to all the aspects of life. 

Motivational and inspirational books help in finding the aim of your life. This will help in both ways you can increase your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills. You can come across many unfamiliar words. Note it down and try to use these words as frequently as you can. This will make you sound smart.

Correlation: Sometimes it is impossible to learn everything. The method of correlation came into existence. Try to associate the things with the familiar things. Often we encounter the problem of recalling. In a study, it is shown that eating the same flavor of chewing gum while studying at home associates the flavor with learning. During exam eating the same flavor will help you to recall what you had studied.

The mind controls all the body functions but if trained properly you can build a smart mind. Adequate sleep, yoga, and meditation are the basic steps to help you retain a healthy mind. Repeat the things that are of utmost importance. Avoidance of junk foods, liquor can be the only way to live a healthy life.  

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