Cancer Prevention Tips: How to Prevent Cancer from Growing

Cancer has become a widespread term nowadays. Our body contains both types of cells is it benign or malignant. It starts to evolve slowly taking over the entire control of the body. Cancer can be evolved in various forms and several body parts. Depending on the body part its name is characterized. Cancer can be fatal depending on its size but once when it mixes with blood it cannot be stopped. As the blood flows in the entire body. Taking certain steps and making some necessary adjustments can help you fight this critical situation. The Cancer Society has developed simple terminology:

C: Change in eating habits

A: A wound that has a healing problem

U: Unusual changes in body

T: Thickening of the breast

I: Indigestion or swallowing problem

O: Observe your wart or mole

N: nagging cough or voice hoarseness

Know your body: The best way to fight cancer is to properly know about your body. No one is perfect. Everyone has its strength and their weaknesses points. Try to adjust your time by proper management. Watch out for the family medical history as the genes are hereditary. If you find any symptoms of the hereditary diseases that are likely to follow for generations. Diagnose yourself and get proper treatment. Cancer screenings can be done quarterly, or annually depending on the requirement.

Harmful Radiation: Stepping out there might be cancer outside waiting for you. The sun rays are harmful to you as they can cause skin cancer. Apply the skin lotion or sunscreens on your exposed body parts. Most likely the Americans effect by this type of cancer. According to the reports, there are approximately 17,00000 cancer patients recorded out of which 6 lakhs are reported dead. Minimization of contact with harmful radiation such as Ultraviolet rays can help in fighting.

Immunity: Immunity plays a better role in fighting small diseases or big ones. Inject yourself with HPV or Hepatitis vaccines. Cancers are related to the hepatitis virus. Two types of hepatitis virus are: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis B vaccine is given to babies.

Maintain your physique: Sometimes a lot of junk food and unhealthy eating can lead to being overweight. Shade your weight by shaking your legs and full body. This can lead to problems like an increase in cholesterol levels, and create disturbance in the hormonal system. Americans are addicted to fast food which damages your body.

Say no to used needles: Used needles are the cause of infectious diseases such as HIV, AIDS. If there is no option try to sterilize the needle first by putting it in boiled water. Try to use a fresh needle.

Watch your palette: If you like to eat the colorful or those lip-smacking snacks or the dishes you have watched at the street corner. Try to fill it with various nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Only exotic dishes are not required to live a healthy life. Leafy vegetables and salads can be good options. Maintain a diet chart and if you succeed reward yourself with a cheat day. Fibers are a good option for solving fat-related problems or indigestion. Including the foods such as carrots, beans, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Avoid making circles in the air: This is often advised not to smoke, or chew tobacco. Cigarette smoking not only damages your lungs but also harms a nearby standing person. Smoking can introduce lung cancer. Less intake of alcohol should be considered as the best option. Completely avoidance of alcohol should be considered because whatever we put inside our body affects other body parts.

Pills: Try to take important vitamins and minerals. Get a regular checkup of body vitamins. Vitamin D is necessary for fighting cancer. Include the vegetables in your diet that are rich in vitamin D and other important essential nutrients. Take medicine if necessary.

Try to spend at least an hour on yourself: Stay away from stressful situations and enjoying yourself for an hour or a day. Be it stretching your legs, or dance moves. Laughing is the best therapy as it relaxes your face muscles and mind.

Schedule your calendar: Make a list of important dates such as an appointment with a doctor, screening tests. Add this as an event to your calendar. Regular testing can keep a close watch on the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer cannot be defeated but taking precautions and necessary adjustments can help delay cancer. Breast cancer mostly occurs at old age when we reach the age of 60 or above. Prevention is always better. In earlier stages, it is impossible to detect cancer as it is described as unidentified objects. Sudden body changes and abnormalities can be a concern. Advanced screening is done to properly detect cancer. It is possible to delay the growth of cancer cells in the early stages. The Early the better.

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