How to Crack Any Competitive Exam in First Attempt – Tips and Tricks with Expert

How to Crack Any Competitive Exam in First Attempt

From childhood, it is often thought we had to study hard to achieve big dreams. Exams are the basic steps to keep track of the progress of our education. Crack Any Competitive Exam in First Attempt is easy as it is used for the basic foundation. But competitive exams like SSC, IAS, IRS are difficult to crack. Most of the students start the preparation from the age of 11. Dedication and Hard work are the basic steps to achieve bigger goals. Let us look at the points:

Make Yourself Comfortable

Going to study make your study area comfortable. Set the room temperature that is not too hot or neither too cold. Uncomfortable seating arrangements not only harm your body but can lead to back pain problems. Relax your mind and body to fully concentrate. Try to sit as straight as possible. Keep the important items such as water, or some munching within your reach.

Study Material

Cracking competitive exams is not a one-day deal. Make a list of the books, guides, and references. Take guidance from the expert or the seniors. There are some standard books on each subject which everyone follows. Study materials are also important.


Try to set out your time for study. If the classes are in the daytime set the nighttime for the studies and the revision. Find a place that is not much crowded and a silent place. Revise all that you had studied during the day. You will slowly develop a habit of studying at night.

Sitting for long hours

The long duration of seating at a place might be tiresome and boring.  Try to take a break after 30 minutes or when a topic is completed. Leave your place for 5-10 minutes and stretch your body.  The classroom is no longer than 45 minutes or 1 hour. Try to set the time according to the requirement.

Gather Yourself 

Try to declutter your study area. Regularly clean your bed and the study table and the books it also gives relaxation to the mind. Sometimes changing the seating area and making little adjustments can help you to focus more. Do not keep many books near you if not needed. Only important books that you had to study should be kept at your table for focus.

Do not compromise with your sleep

Whatever you study must be revised at the end of the day. During sleeping, the mind collects all the events and the learning that happened during the day. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to relax your mind, body, and eyes. Too much pressure for studies will hamper your learning process.

Engage in physical

Physical activity is a must as it increases your body stamina. It also provides mental strength and refreshes your brain.  Try to choose your favorite activity and indulge in it for an hour. It will also provide you physical fitness.

Have a hearty meal

Try to avoid foods that have a  high content of oil. Oil and greasy foods not only induce fat but also contribute to sleep. This can lead to digestion issues such as gastric issues which cause discomfort and disturb the focus. Maintain a balanced and proper diet. Try to eat a lot of salads and juices which can be easily digestible. Eating a small quantity after a frequent interval is good as a large amount of food is bad for both body and slow processing of the mind. Hydrate your body properly by sipping water. As dehydration can cause headaches and migraines.

Learn Simple tricks

Stuck in large mathematical problems. There are short tricks to solve those. Youtube channels are also available which helps in familiarizing with those simple tips and tricks. Learn and understand the trick so that they can stay in memory for a long time. Learning while enjoying is an effective technique.

Know the inside out

Dealing with tough competitive exams, have a look at the previous question papers. How is the marking done? Is there any positive or negative marking? How many questions are there? Know your question paper well and plan accordingly. Prioritize the topic that contributes to more marks and focus on that.

Adjust your time

Time adjustment is compulsory. Try to set the time limit for every question according to the marks. Leave the questions that seem to be confusing or time-consuming. Attempt every question. Try to handle those questions first that triggers your mind within seconds. Spending more time on one question not only will waste your time but you will be left without attempt questions on the other hand.

Meditate Regularly

Regular meditation on daily basis can improve mental health. Give 10-20 minutes of your time to breathing and meditation is a good practice. Simple yoga poses are good.

Smart study

The slow and smart study can help you to cover your course fast. Set more time for difficult subjects and less time for the easy ones. Sometimes louder reading can help you to focus on a non-interesting subject. Creating interest in a particular subject or working on making that subject interesting is a new and effective method of learning.

Be Practical

Sometimes theory can be boring. Try to understand the subjects such as physics, maths by playing games or by doing fun experiments.

Regular update

Due to the Coronavirus or the pandemic, there is a change in the paper pattern. As most of the offline papers are conducted in online mode. Updated yourself regularly with current affairs. The paper pattern changes rapidly so keep a close watch on the important notifications.

Cracking competitive exams is not an easy task. Patience is also required as it takes nearly 2-3 years to become an official person. Do not stop hard work. Learn slowly and smartly.

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