How AI will Completely Change the Way We Live in the Next 10 Years

AI or “Artificial intelligence” is developed to make the decision system better by storing a set of instructions into the system. The result is delivered within seconds. It is an intelligent system designed in the non-living form.  Examples of such systems are robots and driverless cars. Some people fear that their jobs will be affected as manual labor will be reduced. AI has been showing its effect in almost every field.  According to the experts, there is an increment in GDP by trillion accounting for 14% full profit.

Most people from time to time are giving a glimpse of the future. That how will be the future look. Let us look at various fields in which AI is showing its impact:

Education: The foundation of AI comes from education. Complex algorithms and programming language lay the foundation of this intelligent system. The AI is used in designing the course and curriculum according to the requirements. Students and teachers are gaining benefits from AI. Main purpose is to find the best possible outcome. 

Healthcare Services:  Medical and healthcare services are using AI for better treatment. As the AI can scan through the medical records of patient within seconds. The AI can be used to better diagnose the person according to the reports and system. It can also help in finding the best probable medication and treatment. In foreign countries as well as in India robotic surgeries are done. 

Transportation: Automatic cars or autonomous cars are coming in which the drivers can take a nap without worrying about the road. Foreign countries are already ruling in driverless trains. Automatic stoppers are also in action which opens and closes according to the arrival of the train.

Manufacturing: Along with the employers the robots are helping in the units. Testing of the machine and finding faults is the basic feature. As the fault in one part can result in the breakdown of the whole unit, which affects the overall cost. AI tools are used to access the quality and help in inventory management. Prediction of the future demands and pricing can be done with that.

Media: With OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Sony Liv, and Zee5  the AI is helping to select the shows and TV series based on our preferences. Recommendations of the choices and preferences are given by the AI to choose from. Similarly, on the song apps, the AI offers a wide range of options to listen according to the mood and give the preferences accordingly.

Customer Services: Ai uses the platforms like Chatbots which can interact with a live person. The facility is available 24*7. It can help you decide according to the inputs given by you and help in deciding the future course of operation. The Chatbots can give you a friendly feeling while conversing.

Border:  AI is helping to secure the border by the technique of image processing. Facial recognition is also used to detect the faces of the suspected person. There are large datasets available that are classifieds.  While we are talking about the advantages the AI system cannot multitask. Humans can easily handle difficult situations when fighting with the enemy. With AI it can be only helpful in finding the position of an enemy, army tank, and any suspicious situation. Completely reliable on to the system can prove to be harmful.

Cyber Security: Cyber Security contains a large amount of data in the form of information, malware, and threats. The AI does the data mining and finds the informative data. AI analyses the whole data and reads the pattern and detects any unusual threat and activity. Cyber-attacks had become more common in the form of fraud detection. Banks often encounter these types of cases. Most of the people are posing a national threat by misusing internal confidential data. Automation is the major factor a lot of people are putting money into launch attacks. As most of the companies are using AI for security, so it will raise a concern for the researchers.

Relationships: Upcoming years will see the use of technology in finding the perfect match. Apps like Tinder which we use manually can be automated. Analyze your behavior and compare with the person matching your taste and preference without even moving a finger. The sex dolls concept will rise in which the dolls learn from their owner and give the feeling of romance.

Entertainment: For shopping, according to your choice the AI will give you the experience of online shopping such as “Amazon-Go”.  Apps are available in which you can virtually try your dress according to your preference without actually touching them. Virtual trial rooms and apps are now available. In that, you can place your preferred dress onto your picture and check whether it suits you or not.

AI has been playing a vital role in many government offices, military, and defense departments. On one hand,  it is protecting your data but going in the wrong hand can be a threat to national security. AI has been entering almost every field, and sector. Be it your own home, offices, shopping, any place of entertainment. AI uses are different depending on the field you are using. 

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