What is Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin? A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency, as most of the world’s half population, is looking forward to this new term of currency. Cryptocurrency is composed of the two terms “crypto” derived from the words cryptography and the currency is known. This is a type of digital currency with no physical touch. The term “cryptocurrency” is based on how this entire process works. The entire process is basically how the currency exchange works and is protected by cryptography. Cryptography is a very vast field. 


They store information in the blockchain. If a person solves the blockchain, he will know the transaction history. The common problem is if it can be cracked, then why use it. The cracking is difficult, the entire process requires a lot of expenditure ranging from a few thousand to several thousand. Mining took years to solve, but success is not guaranteed. High computing power along with powerful computers. Complexity is very high. The entire process is secured by the hash values, i.e. a combination of 16 values. The process involves complex mathematical solutions, but the guesswork works up to some extent. They accept solutions that are less than the original values, higher values are not accepted.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital coin. This is like the stock market. The value increases or decreases according to the market value. If a person cracks the blockchain, then the award will be the bitcoin token. You can also invest in bitcoin through the various channels of investment, such as CoinDCX.


Most people think of it as a way of investing apart from property, bonds, or stocks. Big companies accept bitcoin as payment but others do not accept it. Rules and regulations are made according to the company type. You can also use cryptocurrency as debit cards by linking your account to the crypto account. Countries with less stable currency use cryptocurrency as their own. There are tax implications attached to it. 

We require Bitcoin Wallet to store it. There are two types of wallets: a hot wallet or a cold wallet. The hot wallet is an online wallet and they store the exchanges in the cloud. They are digital storage tools having two keys. The two keys are Public keys and Private keys. Public keys are the username that is known to others while making a transaction. Private keys are like a password that is to be kept within yourself. In case of the private key is stolen, there is a slim chance to recover your account.

We also know cold wallet as an offline wallet. Mobile wallet options include Ledger and Trezor. Bitcoin can be expensive, so it is possible to buy infractions. Bitcoin value can range from a few thousand to many thousands. This is the most secure way as compared to the hot wallet.

Bitcoin Exchanges

There is an online platform in which the bitcoin transfer takes place. In which the value of the bitcoins is inputted according to the market value or the stock limits. They conduct the bidding on which the values are higher or lower than the real value. To make the exchange, the buyer has to register and had to go through the verification process. The authentication process is done, then they open the account to transfer money, and buying process starts. Exchanges can be made according to the different payment methods. There is also the decentralized platform that is without the intervention of the government. People often prefer this type of exchange, there are many preferences such as: 

  • Many of the exchanges require more personal information.
  • There is security from thefts and frauds.

Depending on the currency, there is also the conversion fee that is accepted by the bitcoin exchange.   

Be cautious before trading!

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