The Future Prospects of Dental Graduates in India

The dentist prevents diagnoses and remedies all dental and associated diseases. BDS is one of the most popular degrees of dentists. It is the only educational and professional program for dental surgery in India. In the BDS course, the students are taught about dentures, dental problems, and surgery. If you will visit the website, you can get all the details about the course. All the Dental Colleges in India award BDS degree to the aspirants. In the medical field, it is the second choice of the students after the MBBS course. It is also good job-oriented degree programs and various opportunities are available in the hospital, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing industries. The BDS degree is provided at the a success of of entirety of the four-year academic training and the one-year obligatory internship program in dentistry.

You can apply now for this course at a good Dental College, like DPU Dental. After finishing your BDS, you’re certified to practice as a dentist. Let’s explore the prospects of Dental graduates in India.

Opening your clinic :

This is the most desirable option. It will work best if you have any family member or friend in the same line, already running a dental clinic and who can guide you. The second important aspect is to manage the funds to start a clinic since you need to hire a place and buy the equipment for the clinic. Thus, it is recommended to work as an assistant with some reputed dentists to gain experience and skills in the business before opening your clinic. Learning how to handle a patient is very essential for a dental doctor who has to be with the patient treating him of his dental ailment for longer hours. You can’t just sit on a seat, examine the patient for some time and write a prescription slip.

Pharmacovigilance :

This is a study related to the prevention of adverse effects of pharmaceutical products. Due to this, many harmful drugs are withdrawn from the market and the quality system of the medical industry is maintained. There are many jobs available in this field, as high-quality pharmacovigilance practice helps in good business dealing. Recognition given to drug protection all over the global ensures a promising future in this sector.

Clinical Research :

Clinical Research is related to how effective a new drug, vaccine, diagnostic test, or surgical technique can be in humans. It is growing tremendously as a sector. India is the second-largest pharmaceutical market in Asia. As a result, a wide range of pharmaceutical research services is outsourced to pharmaceutical industries and hence is a lucrative career. A BDS graduate can have various job roles available in this sector like Principal Investigator, Co-investigator, Medical Advisor, Drug Developer, Regulatory Affairs Manager, or even a Clinical Research Physician and a few more.

Forensic Odontology :

Forensic science is a vital part of the investigation of crime. Forensic Odontology (forensic dentistry) mainly involves the identification of an assailant by comparing a record of their dentition or set of teeth, with a record of a bite mark left on a victim. Forensic dentists have thus become a very important part of the investigation of missing persons, disaster recovery, and solving and prosecuting crimes. You can be expected for Identification of human remains, Assessment of bite mark injuries, Age estimation, Use of Bite Marks to Identify Individuals, Post-mortem, Evaluation of dental evidence, DNA extraction from teeth, DNA Testing, Evidence Collections, Chain of Custody, and numerous different roles on this sector.

Government service :

Some state public service commission’s recruit BDS doctors in government service through examinations. As a graduate, you can also appear for IAS or IPS examinations held by the UPSC and enjoy one of the topmost government services in India. The posts carry quite high salaries and a lot of respect and dignity. However, you cannot go for the Combined Medical Services Exams conducted by USPC, the minimum qualifications for which is MBBS.

Job in Army Dental Corps :

If you are interested in serving as a defense personal, then the right choice for you to join the Army Dental Corps either as a short service commissioned officer or you could take in a everlasting fee withinside the army. The job carries a lot of respect, promotions, salary, and perks. Above all, there is pride in wearing the military uniform.

Teaching in Dental Colleges

You can take up a teaching assignment in a government or private Dental Colleges in India . Initially; you have to work at a low salary. Do not make it your permanent job but use it as a platform for preparing for your post-graduation degree. Then you could become an Assistant professor or Professor or Head of Department of a few college. to earn a higher salary and respect.

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