5 Things you Should Know About Refugee Community Sponsorship

What is community sponsorship? 

Community sponsorship includes a process in which refugees are accepted in other countries. This is a specific legalised process that helps refugees to migrate or stay safely in different regions. 

5 important things you should know about Refugee community Sponsorship before proceeding in 2021:- 

  1. Why is community sponsorship becoming increasingly popular? 

This program is highly popular among those who have displaced in their own countries due to some political and social circumstances. Take Syria for example.Syria has been facing war from a long period of time. That’s why many victims of war have been welcomed by other countries like Canada and England.

  1. How community sponsorship supports the society?

This appreciatiable immigration program brings sigh of relief for the people who have suffered a lot either in their own countries or in vulnerable areas of the world. This is a fortunate initiative especially for miserable children and women who have lost their families during war or other social or political uncertainties. Apart from this, community sponsorship works like a boon to fill the life with hope because it embraces those who are abandoned. Moreover, a sense of security that it gives to others really matters for the growth of this world as a global village. 

  1. How community sponsorship works? 

Community sponsorship includes a proper application process, according to which, the applicant has to apply on the basis of the criteria that allows him or her to enter in the concerned countries. On the other side, a sole individual is less likely to sponsor in this specific program. Interested sponsors have to tie up as Co-sponsors with any organization or association that is meant for sponsoring refugees. These organizations have to fulfil many legalities to sponsor refugees.

  1. How are refugees supported after they enter the welcoming country?

Well, coming to a new country is obviously difficult at first because the culture is new,  language is unfamiliar and the surroundings are not suitable most of the time. Still, refugees are highly encouraged to adapt to new land. They are given language classes, health care and community support by locals and many more.

  1. How Covid19 may affect community sponsorship?

Covid19 may affect the entry of refugees in host countries.This is due to the medical complications.When most of the nations have closed their borders, the fate of refugees is uncertain in 2021. Also, economies are not in good condition. Therefore, it is predicted that  2021 will slow down the process of community sponsorship, but it is hoped that after the Corona effect leaves the world, the certain program will again be on track.

Author bio : Muskan Celeste

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