Five Reasons To Always Use a Filter Shower

Five Reasons To Always Use a Filter Shower

Most of the time the water which comes from pipelines and which we use in our houses for cleaning and showering  purposes is hard water. Hard water is not only insipid while we are drinking it but also damages our skin and hairs while we are showering. Filter showers  remove skin and hair damaging chlorine from hard water and convert it into soft water which is good for our skin and hairs. Here we are going to discuss about five reasons to always use a filter shower

1. Chemicals In Hard Water May Damage The Skin:

Hard water consists of different kinds of chemicals and minerals which are dreadful for our body.Without using shower filters these chemicals wreak havoc on skin and one may  experience dry skin, and eczema or irritation. 

2. Health Problems While Using Contaminated Water:

There are many health risks while using hard water or contaminated water.Different research suggests a greater risk of cancer from bathing or showering in chlorinated water.Therefore it is necessary to use filter showers to minimize the health risks.

3. Contaminated Water May Put Pregnant Women At Risk:

There is a great risk for pregnant women while using chlorinated water. A study reveals that showering in chlorinated water may cause various pregnancy problems including low birth weight and premature delivery. Then It’s necessary and safe for pregnant women to use filter water instead of unfiltered water.

4. Feel Better While Using Filter Shower:

Studies have found that chlorinated water not only affects the body but also affects  the mind. Chlorine exposure while showering can cause fatigue and mental depression. Chlorinated water also causes throat irritation. Therefore filtered showering will help you feel more fit and reduce the discomfort level.

5.Minimize Health Issues:

Chlorine which is present in unfiltered water can cause different respiratory problems. Chlorine is also a cause of breast cancer in women. Women suffering from breast cancer have more than 50 percent chlorine in their breast tissues than healthy women. Therefore shower filters minimize these health issues.


To be concluded we can say that filter showers need to be utilized in our houses to lessen the health risks. Therefore it’s time  to use filter showers which are not only necessary for our good health but also minimize the health risks like skin and hair problems as well as cancer. 

Author Bio : Muskan Céleste

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