How to Write Conversationally: 5 Tips to Engage and Delight Your Audience

Reading and writing are the two important aspects of human life during individual growth. Reading helps in grasping the knowledge by knowing and getting familiar with the new words. It helps in speech therapy by pronouncing difficult and complex words. Some of the complex words like ostracism, inveterate, and many more. But as reading is important same goes for writing. 

Writing is a form of expressing emotions.  The expression can be in form of art, images, emotions, or as an icebreaker. When you watch movies, the actors express the feeling of the film writer which is usually in the form of “script writing”. But as you take the paper and read it out you will ultimately become bored. As you need the characters (number of people who are a part of the script), need some music, visual displays props and so on. While reading alone you feel like a robot speaking. No one will notice whatever you are reading. Finally, when the movie arrives the audience is much more as expected. 

The above example is of movies, the same goes for the music plays, street shows, and school drama. Audience engagement plays a vital role. This plays a major role in showcasing your talent as a writer, director, or producer. Writing and expressing your writing is an art. Whenever you are speaking in a public place or having a one-to-one conversation engagement of the audience is an important aspect. You had to keep in mind some of the points that you may keep in mind whether you are online or offline.

  • Try to set your target audience

Choose the topic and set your audience targets. The behavior of each audience is different. The tone in which you talk to your friends and elders is different as you talk to a child. Set the vocabulary and language according to the target. Start by initiating a casual conversation instead of directly dealing with the topic. If you are dealing with young people ask,” How was the party last night”?? Do you have fun!  Do not try to impress but raise pique among the audience. 

  • Experiment with innovative ideas

Simply reading from a piece of paper will make the audience feel bored. Use the images, emoticon, videos in between the theory. Sometimes throw a humor joke in the middle of the conversation. Allow them to participate by welcoming their ideas, and thought. Ask them questions, play the quizzes for the skills test. Create a survey asking about the session, about their future, and their views regarding the next session. In the next session, choose the topic as recommended by the user. Read about the name aloud of that user. In the online session, there are many ways to express the involvement with the help of emoticon in the form of raising a hand, leaving comments, thumbs up, etc… If you are having a group crowd like stand-up comedy shows try to make eye contact with the audience and try to alter between presentations.

In case you are finding it difficult to convey your words in the form of video. Find a person who can suitably convey your words and thoughts to the audience. A famous example is  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as who made a single video of various apple products in 2013.

  • Keep your big books away

Writing a blog or be a content writer is a form of expression and feelings.  One blog for a day is good but if you write more blogs per day it may deplete the quality of the content.  Proper use of grammar is good. Make your content concise. Instead of using big lengthy words which make you sleepy. Usage of short and simple sentences for all age groups.

  • Keep an open-end communication

The conversation usually occurs when you speak to another person. When you communicate another person will also be given a chance to say. The audience should also raise a question or their opinion. Do not close the comment section open it for everyone. Do not strictly stick to the grammar rules. Make the sentences interactive. Use the ‘I’ and ‘we’ depending on the conversation as one-to-one or from a company to an individual.

  • Make your style statement

Experiment with the words and sentences. Create your unique style of writing. Different metaphors, idioms can be used. Share your experiences be they sad, or happy. Take the help of examples to elaborate your viewpoint. Practice makes a man perfect so try until you grab the audience’s attention.

The conclusion of the above article is that you should be more precise, invoice, and more productive. The clarity of the topic should be maximum. Clicking on the link is not enough but engaging is also important. This will help in more content creation. So, keep reading!!

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