How to Get a Job Quickly: 11 Tips to Get Hired Fast

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation of Corona or recession, people are losing their jobs. finding an important job and starting your career is long, tiresome work. The job processes are non-ending and nerve breaking but you can apply some tips that will help in stand out among various applicants. Sometimes when applying you may encounter the word as inexperienced or overqualified.  Inexperienced or fresher is applied to those applicants who had not yet started a career. The procedure is very long as it takes time to find the best job. 

Put in for a good job at the right time is beneficial for both the company and the applicant. Nowadays if you get stuck in the wrong job it hinders your career growth. These are the Job Hunting tips that will make a small difference:

  • Customize your cover letter

It plays an important part when you apply for a job. This letter focuses on your skills whether they are soft skills, hard skills. Emphasize your qualifications and tell them how your knowledge can help in overcoming the current situation.

When you are applying for one or more jobs the cover letter had to be different depending on the requirement. So, while applying keep in mind the positions you are applying for. Nowadays, the resume and cover letter are selected based on keywords. So, add a keyword that matches your cover letter.

  • Organize your job boards

Job openings are frequent nowadays. If you want to work in a particular company keep a close watch on that. Subscribe newsletter, daily alerts for the update. In case of applying from the apps like or where the “Advanced Search” option is available. You can search jobs based on the radius but it is inefficient. Make a list of possible jobs according to the qualification and then start looking for the opportunities.

  • Compile a list of questions

Take a pen and paper. List down the basic questions which are either related to the company or resume. The First \1st question that people encounter is,” Tell me about yourself”?? The people hesitate to answer this. An interview is not an interrogation but it’s a conversation. Going for the interview,” Wait! Do you know about the Company?? It’s the background”. Make a checklist of the company’s detail.

The interviewer’s next questions will be about their company they wanted to know if you knew or ever heard of us. Practice interview questions so it will boost confidence.

  • Avoid unwanted scribble

If you had vast experience in the industry. Don’t write many pages on that. Focus on the experience that is required. No person will waste their time reading many pages. If the experience is not relevant summarize it in a small paragraph.

  • Update social media 

Social media platform plays an important role nowadays. Keep your professional platforms updated like Linkedin. Review social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter timely. Occasionally your social media presence plays a vital role.   Keep your account private.

  • Don’t settle for less

Looking for a job, nothing matches your job requirement. Find another field for survival!! These are the words we often encounter while looking for a job. Do not accept the offer until it did not give satisfaction. Company culture needs to be fit for you as well as the job posting.

Working in semi-connected jobs promotes a bad working environment. Along with this, it will look bad on your resume.

  • Share your words of appreciation

If you hear a call back from the company or got a mail. Appreciate their effort by saying thank you and asking about their well-being.  The same applies to the mail write a follow-up mail immediately in case of acceptance or rejection. Reply to them as” Thanking you for taking your time to go through my resume” in case of an interview, ask for the visiting card. 

  • Build your network

Keep your resume and Linkedin updates. In case you have learned any new skills update them on every social media platform and resume. Keep a handy list of the co-workers, and references who can recommend you.

  • Forget about your fashionable wardrobe

Be the interview is online or an offline one. Dress according to the job requirement. Do not wear the clumsy or misfit outfit. This will create a bad impression. The interviewer can ask you to walk around while answering the questions. So, Wear appropriately!!

  • Act according to the situation

During the online interview, prepare the room. Make it noise-free. Check the internet, laptop, and the app’s settings of the zoom, and meet. Sat on the laptop before 5 or 10 minutes to tackle any issues. Make ready all the documents. Don’t miss out on anything. 

In case of having internet issues, tell the problem to the interviewer and ask them to schedule for another time.

  • Never lose your cool

The interview process is an unending process. It takes time to find a suitable company for a suitable applicant or vice versa. So never lose hope. Stay positive and repeat this process till you not find a suitable place for you.

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