How to Concentrate on Studies Without Getting Distracted: Experts Tips

The brain is a very mystical organ it decides the reaction of the body according to the action. The brain performs a numeric number of functions such as control thoughts, emotions, hunger and help in the regulation of the body. As the human body evolves study becomes an important factor in developing communication skills, and social skills, etc.

The study and the knowledge are interconnected words. For the knowledge, we had to study. Study with concentration helps in gaining proper knowledge and will trace into your memory. Now as the online study is going on you have to keep some tips in mind to study without any nuisance.

If you are at home inform everyone that you are studying. So they can lower their voices while talking. Encourage your kids to focus.

  • Plan Properly

Prepare a study schedule. Make a list of all the pursuits that you had to do within a week. Jot down the submission date of an assignment, tests, cultural events, homework, or any other activity. Plan for the entire month. Give enough time to rest as the brain also needs to take a break. If you are having long sessions take a break of 5-10 minutes in between. 

  • Maintain a Timetable

Give time for each and activity. It will help in maintaining regularity and discipline. Helps in maintaining the right track. Try to implement the Pomodoro technique.

  • Find a Nuisance Free Area

Choose an environment according to your environment in which you can study. Some like it with a little noise, no noise, near the greenery, etc… I don’t like a silent place, it feels lonely. I like to study with news in the background. Grab your bag pack all the items necessary and occupy your seat. Prefer a place that is neither too hot nor too cold.

  • No to multitasking

Multitasking makes your brain weak. It will create havoc and disaster. Ultimately it will break the mental peace.

  • Divide and rule policy

Divide your learning into multiple learning. Like during exam time, the concentration is basically on one subject. So divide the whole subject according to the exam pattern. Divide the whole book into 3 sections. Each section focuses on the most important topic. So focus on the topic that is likely to be asked. Give it a time of 1 hour. Evaluate yourself. 

During the study, give time to each subject. Change the subject every hour or two.

  • Not only learn but understand

In the schools, the teachers cut the marks as the student had not written exactly as what was written in copy or had been taught by a teacher. You have to understand the concept describe it in your own words. Some people have photography memories they write the exact words.

This structure does not work everywhere. It differs from person to person based on the circumstance. Don’t learn for the grades.

  • Keep your energy maximum

When you sit for study, keep your hunger pangs away. Sit on study after you had eaten anything. Keep some munching with you. 

If you think that you are not concentrating make slight changes in the study area.

  • Remove the electronic gadget

When you are studying, keep distracting devices like cellphones away if not required. Some apps give notifications now and then. Start by ignoring them. Ignoring them for a day or two will result in a good way.

  • Take online help

As most of the study is online, so laptops are now common. Try to keep one app open at a time. “TURN OFF” all the unnecessary alerts or notifications. You can also hide or block social media sites.  Many applications like freedom (site blocker) have come into existence.

Chrome extensions like Pause, Limit, and insight have been provided by freedom.

  • Proper use of headphones 

Nowadays voice cancellation headphone is used. So, that the outside noise did not interfere with your study.

  • Learning is never boring

Try to learn new things in a funny way make use of apps to accomplish the task. Make learning funnier by adapting to new ways of learning. With online learning, new apps had been launched for learning.

  • Learn by experimentation

If you can understand theoretically try to implement it practically. Learning is a step-by-step process.

  • Analysis weekly, and monthly

Make a list of all the attainment, skills that you want to achieve. It will help in implementing your goals and plan a better approach.

  • Reward yourself

If you accomplish whatever you want to achieve within the time duration. Reward yourself with a movie break, take a nap, etc. 

Nowadays many options are available for blocking sites and apps. Tools are available to plan the schedule, focus, and build a habit.

Pick the environment suited best for you. Keep learning, keep studying!! 

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