7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart problems or cardiovascular heart disease are common nowadays. In United State, doctors are dealing with a heart patient every 40 seconds. Most of the symptoms that we encounter are burning sensations, heartaches, etc. Changing lifestyles and the use of insecticides and pesticides are damaging the whole body system. Nowadays, ideal body conditions are changing. Something can be changed and some cannot be. You cannot avoid the unwanted situation but take steps to handle the circumstances properly. To maintain proper health you had to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But there are still few things that cannot be changed i.e. age, gender, race, and family history.

Age: This plays an important role because age cannot be hampered. 

Gender: To fight heart disease the women produce more estrogen but diabetes can increase the chances of heart disease in women more than men.

Race: Certain groups have a higher risk of heart diseases as compared to others.

Medical History: Some people have a medical history of heart disease.

Due to the work culture or ongoing competition in the market. Most people are experiencing the symptoms of stress, anxiety disorder, and tension. In turn, pressuring the human heart. There are several ways to avoid heart disease we are focusing on some of the tips which we can implement.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The modernization era is disrupting human health. The people addicted to the instant result example are instant noodles, instant tea, etc….Instant items are not instantly but slowly disrupting the human system. The traditional way of cooking takes time but benefits. Don’t be lazy leave your bed and get into some action.

Observe what you Eat

Don’t fill your plate up to the brim. Put in small quantities as it will reduce wastage and satisfy your taste buds. Most of the people while watching television or binging series consume more quantity. Take less quantity eat it and then again refill it when required. Do not full your tummy as it will lead to the advancement of bad cholesterol and fat generation. Avoid oil and greasy food which contain a lot of fat. Try to eat more salads and leafy and green vegetables.

Maintain Physique

Physical exercises are a good way to overcome stress or any mental problem. Take 30-45minutes out of your schedule. Hit the gym or any physical activity you would like to join. It will help in maintaining weight, lowering cholesterol, and also improves heart health by regulating proper blood circulation. Maintain your BMI as it characterizes the category in which you fall whether it be obese, underweight, etc. Try to manage your stress as it can lead to overeating and get involved in bad habits. Instead of indulging the bad habits try to adopt the new and good ones.

Human Being is a Social Animal

Socialization is very important for a human being. Try to make more friends. Be in contact with them. Greater the life satisfaction you have lesser will be the risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease can be cured with socializing but you need social support to recover from issues of heart health.

Smoke and air mix well

Don’t admit to bad habits like alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Alcohol usage for sometimes fun is good but not in the long term. Alcohol increases blood pressure and adds extra calories to your body. If you are used to cigarettes then start quitting. As it can destroy your lungs and in turn destroy your other human parts. Try to say no to smoking and drinking in a public place.

Health checkups

Regular health checkups should be done to keep an eye on the body’s progress. While watching for heart alterations give importance to the BP- blood pressure, diabetes ( sugar ), and cholesterol levels. Weight reduction is efficient for lower blood pressure. Promote weight loss by cutting on diets that are higher in fats, sodium, and sugar. Most of the companies provide medical facilities. Try to take a yearly health checkup or according to the symptoms.

The medical history of a patient plays a vital role as it highlights genetic diseases such as sugar, a heart defect. Talk to your nearby relative. Make a healthy routine, have a proper time for sleep, eat, work, and relax. Have adequate sleep. Normally, 7 to 9hours of sleep is required. If you are having sleep trouble this might be a cause of concern known as sleep apnea.    

Heart disease should not be taken lightly. If ignored, it can turn into a big and fatal disease that can be life-threatening. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude can make a small but unbelievable change. If you are experiencing any heart-related symptoms contact your doctor immediately.

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