How to Travel Safely During COVID-19 in 2022-23

Ongoing Pandemic and the spreading of viruses at an exponential rate. It has become quite difficult to travel. It is impossible to be closed inside during corona. But when you think of stepping out. Your mind will be struggling with these questions:

  • Is it safe to stay out?
  • Is the place heading is safe?
  • What if after reaching the outbreak will become severe?
  • Is the driver is at high risk of corona?
  • Is the driver suffering from the corona?
  • What are the chances of getting me infected from the corona?
  • Will I be able to follow all the guidelines issued by the government?
  • What happens if following all the protocols still gets infected?

These are the questions that strike our minds while we think of planning our trip. Instead of getting out, we should be getting vaccinated. The vaccination should be the one as prescribed by the government i.e. CoviSheild or CoWin. Sometimes the dose should be two with the day’s gap in between. So, Please ensure proper vaccination before leaving your place. While going to the vaccination center take your identification card i.e. aadhar card and a working number or the current number.

Now the Next Question arises in the mind.

  • Are there any side effects of the vaccine?

The 2nd  biggest question is:

  • Now I can roam everywhere as I had got a vaccination.

So, here are the answers to that.

The vaccine did not have any side effects. The vaccine dose is strong so you may experience slight pain in the left hand, as the vaccine is given on the left hand, fever, light dizziness, etc. But it differs from one person to another depending on the body structure. So, it is recommended to take the rest of 30 minutes before leaving the hospital premises. Any side effects will be taken into account.

After getting vaccination it did not mean that the coronavirus cannot touch you. The vaccine is a preventive measure against the virus. Many people are getting affected by the coronavirus even after getting a vaccination. This has been observed that the recovery rate is increasing of the infected person. The vaccination is only to keep the situation under control.

So, Stop hearing any rumors, rush to the nearby center to get vaccinated. 

India is making records in vaccinating a large number of people every day. India is also becoming a larger supplier of providing corona vaccines to a nearby country.

These are some of the facts. When you are heading out may it be rail, air, by road. There are some of the common steps which are applied when we are leaving the premises.

  • Make a list of the items packed.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Keep sanitizer handy.
  • Wear Mask that covers the mouth and nose properly.
  • Wear gloves, if you think the place is crowded.
  • Update with travel advice regularly
  • Avoid contact with people or unnecessary items until urgent.
  • If you are touching an outside surface use sanitizer before and after touching, if possible wash with soap and water.
  • Check your temperature 2 days before leaving and after reaching the destination.

Going by Train

When you are leaving the premise:

  • Study the guideline of the railway station when you are checking in.
  • Read all the important rules and regulations of the place you are heading as issued by the government of that location.
  • Confirm your tickets before leaving in case of reservation.
  • Sanitize your seat with sanitizer (having 60% alcohol).
  • Make sure you keep all the eatables and the packed water bottle in a bag pack so you did not have to hop down at every stop to shop.
  • Keep your identification card aadhar card separately.
  • Try to maintain a distance of 2 meters if necessary. 
  • Avoid unnecessary crunching to keep your mask intact.

Going by Air

Airplanes have a low risk of getting corona due to the atmosphere maintained inside. You can follow the steps:

  • For boarding passes, an e-pass is available.
  • Read the guidelines for the 15 days quarantine.
  • Try to keep your mask on after boarding.
  • If you think you still can contact a coronavirus switch on the window seat.
  • Keep identification card, aadhar card ready.

Going by Car

If you are traveling by bus, railway train or airplane you still have to take another vehicle to reach your destination. 

  • Opt for a rental car i.e. Ola and Uber.
  • Enquire if the car is properly sanitized after the previous customer.
  • Ask your driver if he is having any symptoms or had has taken the vaccine.
  • Do not opt for uber sharing or pool.
  • During the pandemic traveling by car is the safest option but it can also be the place having more germs. So clean the coolants of the air conditioner. 
  • Do not try to take a lot of person.
  • Make sure all of you should be properly vaccinated. 
  • Try to make the number of stops less to make your trip contactless.
  • Keep the vaccination documents ready. 
  • If you are not checked for fever or any other symptoms. Try to minimize contact. 
  • If you think you had contracted the symptoms. Isolate yourself immediately.

Travel safely with Precautions. Be happy and Be Safe.  

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