How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home & Free (2022 Update)

Digital marketing has evolved exponentially in 2020. As most of the office job has been shifted to work from home. In most cases, people have been laid out of their job so they are thinking of ways on how to earn money. Awaited to the ongoing pandemic, most of the salary cut cases had come into the light. The teachers are creating new methods to teach students. But the students are already in contact with the teacher. So, Digital marketing came into view. Social Media Marketing is a process of how you promote your ideas or products on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Vk, Pinterest, Whatsapp, or youtube. 

While stepping into this field the people encounter the words such as SEO, WordPress, or SMM and any other aspects. Online competition is very big you had to create your unique and different idea and promote it otherwise you will be lost in the crowd. Try to figure out the topic that is new or you had recreated yourself. Google the latest trending trends in lifestyle, fashion, technology, etc. If you still did not know start by writing your blog. During writing, you will get to know the various aspects of marketing. Apart from this, you can later start making money through this blog.

If you are learning digital marketing you can start by making a list of the topic you had to pay special attention to. Some sites offer free marketing courses while others seek payment. These are:

  • Digital Marketing Career Blueprint
  • Udacity
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing be Google
  • Hubspot Marketing
  • Wordstream’s University
  • Udemy 
  • Skillshare
  • Free online resources like Youtube, Facebook groups.

Digital marketing is a diverse field and can be broken down into the categories:

SEO- Search Engine optimization as the name suggests it optimizes the website, application, software and ranks it higher in the search results. This process is slow but when you look based on the long term it yields higher benefits. WE had become very dependent on the internet that we use Google for even of our tiniest questions. According to the researches per year, there are 2 trillion clicks. Google is a search engine and is operated on a set of complex computer programs. 

In this process, there are steps involved we have to discover a part of data then organize the data into information. Then the SEO comes into the light it gives the ranking. They visit each website using a different technique and keep track of the changes or updating of any website. The accessing of a website is important for the ranking of the website. For easily accessible some tools allow you to make a list of the website, accessing public information, and page monitoring and ignorance of pages. The search engine did not store all the details but small details like creation, title and description, type of content, and other factors for their algorithm. The whole process is called indexing.

This indexing further helps in the ranking of the websites.

Earlier the process of searching is quite easy if the user’s query met with the page title then it is found. Now, this is based on machine learning and computer programs which take around 255 rules to consider.

The process of search engine ranking factors are:

  • Analyze query: Given by user
  • Finding a match: All the possible matches
  • Content and title:  relevant of page
  • Content-type: text or images
  • Content quality: informative and useful
  • Website quality: Relevant websites should be displayed
  • Publication date: Latest data 
  • Page popularity: more backlinks the popular websites
  • Page language: According to the origin 
  • Speed of loading pages: Fast availability
  • Type of device: Mobile or laptops

The amount of data is large and is completely automated. Humans can only design the rules with the help of algorithms but now it is replaced by artificial intelligence.

The SEO industry changes rapidly so to get a closer look you can subscribe to some of the sites for regular updates.

Paid Search: It is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It is not difficult to learn but getting a certificate is easy. The important part is the practice you had to work with campaign management.

In the end, you had to combine this knowledge with other tools to be called a digital marketing specialist.

Content Marketing: It is the basic factor as you need content for SEO. To become a good content writer you need to have great writing, copywriting, and analytical skills. The process helps in the promotion of the right type of content to the user.

Inbound marketing:

This type of marketing involves combining different types of marketing to ensure the promotion of the website or a company. The main role of marketing is basically to attract a large number of users, asking for belief and in return giving them satisfaction.

  • Apart from that, you can learn digital marketing:
  • Start by writing your content/blog
  • Digital marketing books
  • Blogs on digital marketing
  • Free videos on social media such as YouTube
  • Practical experiment by doing an internship
  • Social Media influencers
  • Free certificate courses 
  • Take part in seminars/webinars and conferences
  • Facebook groups and forums
  • Freelancing 

There are many sources available for free online and provided by Google. Try some of them and join the one which suits you best.

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