10 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are improving Marketing in 2022-23

Due to the pandemic of 2019 the online marketing has bloomed. Recent trends and changes in the industry have opened their path in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. SEO is using the concept of AI and ML. The process of SEO is complex many algorithms are working behind to give the exact and useful result. For optimization, various tools are used.

With the increase in demand for AI. The companies are looking for expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. Natural Language Processing, Automatic speech recognition, and automation are some of the fields. For IT operations AIOps is used.

There are certain ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are together helping in marketing. Let us have a look at them:

1. Optimization

As compared to the traditional optimization methods the artificial intelligence optimization is providing specific and accurate results. AI is helping in content optimization by giving them suitable meta titles and tags. AI is making the content more readable with proper word count. 

Google now understand what type of data user wants to read. If you type a product name it will give its detail like uses, side effects, etc. If the search engine displays other details it will be the total wastage of that brand promotion. There is an example of the site ElectricityRates.com in which the content was not up to the depth. With the help of the content editor, the organic clicks increased exponentially within a month.

2. Smarty Ads

The marketers have revealed that the collaboration of AI and ML has resulted in greater conversion rates. Most marketers use automation in optimization. Displaying advertisements and ads now will be replaced by the programmatic ad. Most of the Campaigns work on the targets: keywords, location, and time of day.

3. Use of Chatbots

Chatbots are instant messaging used in real-time whenever you visit a site. As reported by Oracle, 80% of businesses now want Chatbots. Many brands are already using chatbots like Pizza Hut, Wall Street Journal, staples, etc.

4. Real-time connection

When consumers have a question they want an immediate response. Unlike the traditional one, this marketing is available on various platforms. Nowadays feedback is also important along with the promotion of a product.  Conversational Marketing is used to establish a connection between customers and marketers. The chatbot is like communication between friends and gives you further advice and opinion. 

5. Recorded Marketing 

According to the digital marketing strategy, video is another way of promoting the site. You can start live features available on Facebook, Youtube,  Linkedin, or Instagram. Now mobile is becoming common so reading the content is quite troublesome as compared to the video. Make a video with the transcribing.

There are other trending video marketing such as Live video and 1:1 video. Along with content SEO, Video SEO is now becoming common with the usage of text overlays, title and file names, 360-degree video content.

6. Influencer marketing

This is commonly known as word-of-mouth marketing. Influencers can be social media personalities or celebrities that can spread the word about your product on various platforms. This is more authentic marketing as compared to other types. Most of the people believe in the influencer as reported according to the survey. Now AI is making this approach more authentic by finding the right influencer, with better engagement and in return giving a high return on investment. For this process, AI is using the approach of ANN (Artificial Neural Network).

7. Image Search

Visual search is a new approach to get a specific result. 

The trending one in the case of a visual search is

  • Pin interest Lens 

Now the Pin interest comes with a lens take a visual and find a similar product, where you can purchase from, and other relevant details. The camera is turned into a search bar.

They also launched Shop the Look and Lens the Look to take the guesswork out of the book. The categories in which the Pin interest in working are Fashion, Food, Animal, and Beauty. 

  • Google lens

This is working on the items such as Books, Business Card, Plant or Animals. Google lens is turning into Google glass turning into real-time augmentation.

  • Cam Find 
  • Bing Visual Search 

are somewhat similar to the above apps.

8. Voice Search & Smart Speakers

Voice search has been becoming very common.AI is becoming very useful by making use of the assistants like Alexa, Siri and in the reduction of error. Using voice search is not relevant but creating a unique and optimized experience for users should be the motive.

9. Content

The content should be interactive and engaging. The people want interactive content so they will have a connection. There should be quizzes and polls. Now the marketers have built a Marketing Impact calculator to know how much money you can make.

10. Fictional technologies 

 Augmented reality and virtual reality had come into existence, with the help of AI. But in the terms of marketing, augmented reality is on the front while virtual reality is for sci-fi technology.

Let us look at an example of AR and VR.

The Loreal uses AR technology. In this, you can decide which make up suits best for you.

While the VR technology is used in the IKEA Place, in which you can move the furniture in the room without physically lifting it.

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