How to Stay Fit In and Truly Become Part of Anything

Moving out feeling scared of the new people, new surroundings, and new office environment. Most people socialize everywhere but some need time to open up in public places. Due to the new places with strangers surrounding you, there is a fear that how will you approach the people. Sometimes people fear the reaction to their friendly approach or social gatherings.

Let us see which point you feel more connected or you had adopted to make a place in the new world:

  • Take initiative in doing work: When you are new to the office it takes time to understand the work that has been assigned to you. Select the work that you can understand and easily finish. Provide help to your co-workers if they are in dire need of help. Do not form an opinion according to the others. Analyze everyone yourself by seeing their reaction according to a particular situation. It will give you clarity of the behavior of a person. 

Accept the work that is time-consuming and is considered worst according to the employees. Enjoy every work that comes along the way.

  • Accepting yourself: It takes a lot of courage to accept the type of individual you are. Try to analyze yourself and fill out a questionnaire that represents your identity. Accepting yourself is the biggest step to accepting others. 
  • Friend circle or groups: Sometimes your social group or gathering helps in shaping your personality or affects your behavior. A socially active group can open paths to many other paths while the anti-social group will close all the paths. Choose your friends wisely. Friends do not remain constant they moved to another city or another college and affects emotional and mental well-being. This can hinder their openness in the public.
  • Opinionated: Some people care about the opinion of others while thinking about what they care about and want. Listening to people is often a good practice but do not allow them to enter your mind. Being opinionated is one thing but to be judgemental is another thing. Different people have different opinions and perceptions. Do not step back when it’s an opportunity to speak.
  • Be yourself: Be it any environment i.e., office, public place, or any other place. Speak those words that are true to your heart and imply your value and principle. Confidence is important while speaking. Say no when you need to and know your boundaries and limits.  
  • New activity: New hobbies and activities can help to improve your mood and increase creativity. Gaining a new skill set is sometimes important than trying to fit in. Interact with new people with compassion and gratitude. This will help you in achieving your passion with determination. Focus on your passion while fitting in. 
  • Pamper yourself: Take out time to praise yourself boost your courage. Reward yourself after you had achieved something. Always remember that you love yourself. Repeat every day that how much you love yourself and can achieve everything.
  • Thanks, letter: If anyone does something grateful thank the person by writing a note showing how grateful you are. The letter should show the feeling of respect, compassion, and gratitude. This will help in making new friends.

Not being able to fit in the crowd leads to social isolation. Some people take time to accept the new environment. Do not pressurize yourself. Staying different in the crowd is your personality. Blending in the crowd and changing your personality is the other perception. Fight your fears and develop a new skill set. Social isolation and loneliness are interconnected. Do not be afraid of wherever you are. Be yourself and stay confident!

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