How to Celebrate Christmas in United States 2022-23

The bitter memories of the previous years. The spreading of the coronavirus and celebrating the festival apart from their dear and near ones. With the new year 2021-22, there is a new ray of hope among people. New Year comes along with new festivals. This year they will see their family members after getting vaccinated. Last year witnessed the restrictions of social distancing and other precautionary measures so to avoid the grip of the virus. Being distant or close, there is always a cheerful aura in the atmosphere.


People often celebrate this day as Jesus Christ’s birthday. On this day, people assemble to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas in reality is Christ’s mass. Christians are not into celebrating the festivals like the others. They celebrate Christmas by bringing a tree. Decoration of the tree is done by jitters, lights, and ornaments. We then put the gifts underneath the branches. We invite all the friends and the extended family members. Freshly baked plum cake and the cookies, gifts are exchanged later on. We sing carols at the churches.

European countries had these traditions. In Rome, we celebrate the end of December as the festival of Saturn, named Saturnalia. A lot of feasting, pomp, and show took place. Romans also worshiped Mithras in December. In Norway, we dedicated the days between 21 December and 1st January to the Yule tree. We bought evergreen trees in the house. We celebrate this to conserve nature. They offerings animal sacrifices, pray for their happy times, and remember their departed ones.

Office events can be planned related to Christmas. Rules and guidelines according to the game. You can play hide-and-seek by hiding the gifts of the person. Do not forget to add an appreciation point. If you find the gift of another, give it to the named person. Exchanging gifts and cookies shows compassion and gratitude. We celebrate European festivals on the 21st of December. Let us spread some positivity by celebrating together:

  • Explore your neighborhood 

Know the area in which you live. Some people do not afford to visit their families, so they stay alone. Gather around all the people in your zone. Play games and exchange feasts. This will help in remembering the old memories. Collect all the photographs of the places that you had traveled to with your neighbors. Make a collage and laugh out at the funny incident during that time.

  • Do social work

Genuine happiness is when you bring a smile to a stranger’s face. Visit the nearby orphanage area. Make a list of all the needy items and distribute them. During Christmas time, the outside weather is chilly. Collect all the old sweaters, blankets and donate them to the needy. We should wrap gifts personally. A creative approach with ribbons glitters works best.

  • Play with ice

This time, the snow gathered everywhere. It is a good opportunity to meet new neighbors family and friends. Make snowball, iceman, and play with snowballs.

  • Connect with your history

Enact the history by playing the characters. Turn your home into some decade. This will give a religious touch to your festival.

  • Singing

Christmas songs come around this time. Sing with your friends and family. The tradition is singing carol along with the family.

  • Decorate the tree

Team up with your friends and help the people. A brief experiment with lights and decoration will help in lightening the place. After finishing your work, take a trip around the neighborhood. Checking out the Christmas light is a must.

With the year end, the people of USA are observing a festive aura in the air. The people are observing pleasantry days such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday , Christmas Day, and New Year Eve. The new day everyday is bringing them closer to their favorite festival.

Relieve all the stress of work and lose in the festive air of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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