How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Using Natural Home Remedies

Stretch marks are a common issue in both men and women. It can be due to many reasons such as pregnancy, puberty, health condition or it can be genetic. This can also be divided based on color such as white stretch marks, red stretch marks. Skin is elastic it changes according to the body. Sudden weight gain and overstretching break the collagen and help in the stretch marks. It can be treated by taking a proper diet, vitamins. Let us have a look at those ingredients which can be included in the treatment.

Oil is the basic and important ingredient. It has multipurpose properties. It can be used in cosmetics, vegetables, massage, and various other things.

  • Argan oil

Rich in vitamin E. Proper massaging on the stretch marks helps in the reparation of the tissues. Fade the color of the stretch marks. Also used for hair treatment.

  • Egg White

Rich in amino acids and protein help in collagen production. Skin tightening and lightening the stretch marks are the uses offered. Skin masks can be made by mixing the egg, lemon, oatmeal, almond paste, and milk to make a paste.

  • Olive Oil

With its use in vegetables as an antioxidant. Cold-pressed oil is used for effective results.

  • Vitamin A

“Topical Retinoids” or Vitamin A are good for your health. These are available in form of gels, lotions, and cream. You can replace them with the intake of vitamin A-rich food. The foods are raw spinach, mango, hard-boiled eggs, and salmon. 

  • Vitamin C 

Lemon juice sour in taste is rich in vitamin C helps skin treatment. When mixed with different ingredients or while making a paste it is efficient.

  • Sugar

Added to the cup of tea and coffee. Helps in making fat but can be used in skin products as a scrub. You can make a scrub by mixing sugar, coconut oil, or almond oil, with a few drops of lemon. 

  • Castor oil

The stretch marks are dried and need moisturization. You have to regularly apply the oil for better results.

  • Aloe Vera gel

Medicinal plants with a lot of benefits. Many varieties of aloe Vera are available but finding out the pure one will take time. Faster healing of the skin. Apply it for 20-40 minutes daily.

  • Apricots

This can be used by making a paste.  Take 3-4 apricots mix with lemon juice and crush after removing the seed. Apply for 15 minutes. Apricot oil can be also used.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benefits. It is used in the scar treatment of burns and is used as a moisturizer.

  • Cocoa Butter

Stretch marks of pregnancy can be removed. Apply it to the affected area at night and massage it.

  • Cucumber

Cucumber is used in the summer season to fight the scorching heat. Cucumber can be eaten in the raw form by peeling, mixing with salt and lemon. Relax your eyes by placing a slice. Cucumber and lemon juice can be used for stretch marks. Wash it with warm water.

  • Almond oil

Each oil has its benefits. Almond and coconut oil in equal amounts has proven beneficial and has no side effects.

  • Rosehip oil

As the name suggests it is related to roses. These are the buds of roses that die on the plant and can be used to give oil and edible fruits. Reach in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, reduce the scar and stretch marks, oil can be used as a moisturizer.

  • Gotu kola

Different and unique name but has been used in China and Indonesia for a long time. Ancient Ayurvedic herbs used in medicine helps in the treatment of many skin-related problems.

Apart from the above ingredients that are various other methods that help in preventing stretch marks.

  • Water  

Hydrate yourself every day by drinking 3litre or 7-8 glass of water. Water colorless by nature contains important vitamins and minerals that act as vital for the body.  This not only helps in the glow of skin but also helps in elasticity.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is used in giving the skin a hydrated look. The production of collagen helps in improving elasticity. Collagen capsules are available but eating more chicken and egg whites can balance the level. Hyaluronic acid is also available in form of pills and cream. There is no scientific fact that taking this acid can result in stretch marks removal but lower levels can lead to wrinkles.

  • Massaging

Massaging the body parts can also help to lighten the stretch marks. Various oil such as castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil are some of the oils that are proven to be effective on stretch marks.

  • Exercising

Exercises which require a full-body moment and help in weight loss can be effective. As sometimes sudden weight gain can also be the reason for stretch marks.

  • Keep your skin moisturized

Regular use of oil and a moisturizing cream can help in the lightening of the marks. 

Stretch marks can take some time to disappear or to fade. Be patient. 

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