5 Ways to Guest Posting Can Help you Grow your Online Audience

Online presence is becoming important nowadays. Due to the online competition, it is important to attract more people.  As more people lead to more traffic be it on the content or the website. You need to create awareness and make the people known. This will help in ensuring a good network as you are inviting people to your blog or website. According to the expert, it is often seen that the guest post are 3-4 posts per month.

Guest posting is the current trend and it is often recommended to invite the guest post. Many online influencers giving them the opportunity will not lead to high traffic on your site. It will also help in spreading a positive message to all the audience. Blogging is also a platform to share your ideas in a written form.

Guest Post Topic Should be Eye-Catching

As for many of the content that is available online only a certain amount is written by the author while the rest are the guest posts. The topic title plays an important role it should not be offensive and get it approved by the levels. Selecting the guest topic should be informative, purposeful and should be able to provide clarity to the user. If you are raising an issue highlight the problem as well as provide the solution along with them. Content is the top priority it should be fresh as it not only helps in the SEO but also help in building a network. The article should be according to the guidelines of the blogs to get accepted.

Helps in Making Network

Most influencers and social workers are invited to write as a guest on various platforms. This will not only enlighten a specific person but also helps in recommending various people which are related to the field. This will help in making a connection to the people of the same field. Share your article with the help of various social media networks. This will not only ensure the traffic to the site but also help in reaching a wide audience. 

Network building is a long and complicated process. Do not limit yourself to the existing audience but also find a new audience. Building a personal network is important. Patience and hardworking are the key to making a large network.


Most of the time there are backlinks attached to the guest post if you are going to increase the traffic of any site so it will not be of your site. The backlink attached to that is of the admin site. This is only because the admin wants more traffic to the site. It is used for brand exposure and awareness. The more you get the traffic the more it helps in increasing the ranking in the Google search engine.

Share the links of other posts if possible. When you are invited as a guest post share your social media link. Nowadays in most of the online event, people give links of their different social media account such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Social Media Network

Social Media Network has gain popularity with apps like Facebook, Instagram are helping the influencers who want to work from home. While working from home they not only growing the network but also influencing a large number of people.  Join the social media platforms that are beneficial such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pininterest, Quora, and so on. This will help you in creating your social media presence.  Choose the topic that is shared most and is the trend.  Share your ideas follow the influencers on a different platform. Read the ideas of others like, comment, and if you like reshare their ideas on different platforms.

Regularly sharing your ideas also engages the audience. Comment, follow, like, and reshare the idea of the social media influencer. Select your audience and made a detailed insight into the topic that you are going to be dealt with. Expertise in your area. Indulge in conversation with like-minded people. Everything is interconnected such as links to websites and social media platforms and vice versa. 


While inviting or getting invited there are rules that you should have to follow certain rules:

  • Link it to your blogs according to the preference
  • Select a unique topic
  • Share it on various platforms i.e. Facebook, and Twitter
  • Set the word limit in advances such as 1000 words or 800 words to get accepted
  • Comment on the post
  • Share words of appreciation for the guest
  • Share the social platform link of the guest at the end

Good content is important for SEO and in gaining high-quality leads. Wait and watch is the key aspect. Invite guest posts from time to time or attach your link to your guest post. Do not settle for less and value yourself.

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