How to Dissolves Kidney Stones In 7 Days Naturally

A kidney stone can be in the kidney, urethra, or in gallbladder but in medical language, we call it or refer to it as a kidney stone.

What are the most important chances of kidney stones being formed?

  1. The person who drinks less water in a day may have more chances of having a kidney stone.
  2. The person who eats more non-veg in their daily routine may also increase the chances of kidney stones because it has more protein in it and intake of more protein in a diet may cause kidney stones.
  3. A person who takes more artificial sugar or refined sugar(for example- a cold drink) may also increase the chances of kidney stones.
  4. Intake of apple juice or grapes juice on regular basis may also increase the chances of kidney stones.
  5. Eating more raw tomatoes can cause kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney Stones-

  1. Severe pain or intense pain is one of the symptoms of having a kidney stone. This pain may last long for an hour. It can be a minimum of 15 minutes.
  2. During intense pain, a person can also have chances of vomiting.
  3. Fever is also one symptom of kidney stones.
  4. Blood through urine.
  5. Irritation during the toilet.
  6. Avoid dehydration. Check on your urine color if it is dark yellow or pale yellow then it is a symptom of dehydration which is also may lead to a kidney stone.

How To Dissolves Kidney Stones In 7 Days Naturally-

  1. Increase Liquid intake in your daily routine- To get rid of kidney stones increase liquid intake in your diet from 70% to 75% don’t let it decrease from 70 to 65%. Importantly increase intake of coconut water, lemon juice, lukewarm water, juice, etc. It will help in dissolving the stones. Stay hydrated it helps not only flush out your body toxins but also helps move the kidney through your urine tract. 
  2. Basil juice- Basil juice contains acidic acid which helps in breaking down stones and also helps in reducing pain. It is full of nutrients and is also preferred as a home remedy for digestive disorders. Use fresh basil leaves to make tea and drink it would help you detox your body.
  3. Add lemon juice in your daily routine- you can also add lemon juice in your water because it has citrate, which is a chemical that prevents forming of calcium stones, citric acid also helps in breaking down the stones into smaller pieces which helps in passing through the urine.
  4. Start walking- To get rid of kidney stones naturally make a routine of walking regularly for at least 40 min. It will help you a lot. Always try to walk faster for a better result in fewer days. Daily walking habits will help you in losing weight also which is also a cause of kidney stones.
  5. Do effective yoga asanas to get rid of kidney stones naturally- To get rid of kidney stones practice some yoga poses like camel pose (Rastra Asana), Bhujang asana, Viparitakarani, Pavanmuktasana, etc.
  6. Eat Grapes and watermelon to get rid of kidney stones- Grapes and watermelon are very helpful in getting the dissolve of kidney stones naturally because these are containing a high amount of potassium it which is helpful in diluting the stones. In watermelon and grapes availability of water is very high so there is no other side effect of eating them.
  7. Apple cider vinegar- It contains acidic acid which helps in dissolving kidney stones. It reduces the chances of the formation of kidney stones. Diabetic patients should take precautions before taking this drink. May also consult to doctor before using these remedies.
  8. Pomegranate juice-Pomegranate juice has been used since earlier times to treat kidney stones or to improve overall kidney functions. It helps in flushing out all the toxins and kidney stones in our bodies. It has antioxidants that help in treating kidney stones and also reduce the chances of kidney stones forming. It also reduces the acidity of urine which may also reduce the chances of having kidney stones problem in the future. There is no limit to drinking pomegranate juice in a day as it is healthy for our body but avoid if a person is on liver medication or blood pressure medications, such as chlorothiazide (Diuril)


  1. Drink more and more water in a day to decrease the chances of kidney stones.
  2. Drink more lemon juice and orange juice.
  3. Try to avoid eating nonveg regularly or if you are eating nonveg then try to eat only 230gm nonveg in a day not more than that.
  4. Avoid cold drinks from your daily routine. And if you are fond of cold drinks then only drink 1 liter in a week not more than that.

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