11 Subtle Signs a Woman Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

Friendship is truly remarkable. What could be more comforting than having somebody to rely on tough days and rejoice in good moments?

Friendship is unique, and it can linger a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be romantic, even when two desirable people are involved.

Friendship weathers practically every storm that life throws at it, from appreciating activities together to having intense chats and providing life direction.

Except for one thing.

Many friendships fail to survive the complication of having feelings for the other, but both of you aren’t realising it. Even a long and treasured friendship can be damaged by discomfort and disillusionment.

It can also affect guys who appreciate their female friend as more than “only a friend” to be unwilling to tell her about their love thoughts for fear of compromising their valuable platonic connection.

This guide will assist you.

There are 11 telltale signals that she likes you more than just as a friend:

1. Take note of her body language.

Is she twirling her hair, pointing her feet in your direction, flushing her cheeks, and occasionally choking on her words?

Her entire body is oriented towards you. You can reason that it’s not a flirtatious action but rather an indication that this woman appreciates having you as a male friend. She is pretty relaxed with you.

Nonetheless, body language is more than ultimately what you see in front of you at any specific time. It’s adequate if you compare it to her baseline as well. When the baseline has been shattered as a barrier, there’s an intense probability she likes you more than a buddy.

Has she broken down the boundary between touch and non-touch? If she has, she is indeed interested. You might even sense an almost electric flow running between you and her if you like her back.

2. Your jokes have suddenly become the craziest of all time.

When a female companion giggles at your every joke, it’s one of the telltale signals she has affections for you. If she had been a friend, she would have laughed at you for being the most foolish person ever.

Yes, your friend would not hesitate to embarrass you. On the other side, someone who has romantic affections wants you to feel excellent about yourself.

3. She is intensely focused on you and frequently touches you.

If your female buddy is continually touching you and chatting to you even while you’re in a group, she’s perhaps into you.

She also may accidentally bump into your arm or side.

She may even place her head on your shoulder from time to time.  This can be the best proof that you’ve just earned the love lottery.

4. She is conscious around you for no apparent purpose.

She could be apprehensive for purposes you aren’t conscious of, but if she seems nervous around you for no apparent intention in a glad, enthusiastic manner, you could be on more than just her buddy.

These are meaningful indicators. If you were simply a buddy, she wouldn’t be nervous around you.

5. She plays the eye game!

In between conferences and throughout the break, she aims to make plenty of eye contact with you. She doesn’t miss a single opportunity to catch a glimpse of you. She arrives at your cabin with a cup of freshly prepared coffee and conveys an interest in having a light conversation with you regularly.

If she is a college friend, she may skip classes to spend more time with her crush, which is you, at the canteen.

This is a crucial component that indicates she wants to share more than solely friendship with you.

6. Your viewpoints are essential.

She will constantly seek your recommendation, whether it is about her career decisions or her personal life.

She now asks for your suggestion on insignificant topics, such as her wedding gown at a familiar friend’s wedding. She craves to make you feel different because you are essential to her.

She’ll also ask you to family gatherings and introduce you to her acquaintances. This is a decent indicator because no female will inaugurate a guy to her family if she isn’t attracted.

7. She despises seeing you with other ladies.

It’s normal to have a solid attachment to someone you deem more than a friend. If she is fascinated with you, she would be irritated if she sees other women moving toward you.

While she may disapprove of your relationships with other women, she expects to know how you feel about them. It’s a tricky strategy of determining your emotions for her.

8. She imitates your actions.

According to many researchers, one individual can copy another’s behaviour and reflect their behaviours (if they love the other).

If she likes you, she may, for instance, copy your physical attitude or the actions you use while you communicate. You might be able to infer if a female has feelings for you if you detect body language like this.

9. She is quick in responding to your messages.

She will react to your text as soon as she receives it, unlike others who may take longer to respond to your texts. If she is distracted with different tasks and has to respond late, she will ask forgiveness and clarify why.

Even if she’s having an incredible time, she’ll acknowledge your calls and texts as soon as she receives them. Likewise, you’ll notice that she often begins conversations.

10. She always gets dressed up to impress you.

There is no wrong with looking nice, and most women enjoy doing so. If, on the other hand, your female friend only wears her best outfits when she’s with you, it’s a vital clue that she likes you more than a buddy.

She may also inquire about her appearance or perhaps expect a compliment from you.

11. She is highly interested in every detail about you.

She will know every single element about you, whether it is your beloved colour or dish. She will know if you have a recent haircut or have recently shaved your beard.

Wrapping Up,

A robust understanding can occasionally fulfil as the foundation for a healthy relationship. While some people can uncover the transition from friends to lovers quickly, others may find it challenging.

To all the males out there, your female buddy may cherish you, but you are either unaware of it or confused by her odd behaviour. However, when a connection blossoms from real friendship, it is truly striking.

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