How to Be Resilient With the Third Wave of Covid2019

With the start of the year 2019, nobody had expected that their life will take a turn back. On 30 January 2019, was the date of the first case of Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) accompanied by many more cases in the upcoming months. Several attempts had been made to ensure the safety and healthy life of the people. Most of the common steps were: complete lockdown, wearing mask, frequent use of sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. These steps helped in fighting the COVID-19 but left many impacts on everyone’s life i.e. children, adults, youngsters, etc.

The first wave’s impact slowed and the second has started to engrave its root and now the target age group was (35 years – 50 years). Now, the age group has changed so it was not specific to any age group, the coronavirus behavior changed. The symptoms include difficulty in breathing, fever, cough in various forms in different people. But still, the fear is not over as the new form of corona variant has arrived.

To fight the third wave together we had to understand the rules, guidelines, and how to deal with its aftereffect. During the first wave, the government has issued some  strict guidelines:

  • Wear facial masks
  • Do not spit in public places
  • Frequent use of sanitizer ( beware of your skin allergy)
  • Maintain Social distancing
  • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or your elbow while sneezing.
  • Avoid frequent use to public places
  • Help people
  • Stay indoors as much as possible
  • In case if you touch any outside object first sanitize your hand before touching the mouth, nose.

In case of emergencies:

If you see any people having corona symptoms notify the nearest hospital immediately. So keep all the important numbers handy as they can save lives.

Staying indoors for a long duration can lead to a number of psychological problems (mental problems). To fight with the third wave, we had to maintain a regular routine. Let us have a look at that:

1. Be Honest with Your Time

Timing is an important factor when we work (Household chores, official works). For that we had to remain fit, so plan a healthy routine which you can follow every day or make it according to the day. Make your time for everything as wfh(work from home) is common. Involve in activities like physical exercise, develop a new hobby (gardening, sketching, dancing, cooking, etc… ). If you are a motivational speaker you can give motivation to people who are feeling depressed and hopeless after losing their job.

2. Communication skills

Reach out to people who are needy, poor, and homeless. Create groups in the society or reach out to non –government organizations and social workers. Start by making the contribution in the form of money, cloth, or food (as low rates as possible). Enlighten them with your innovative ideas and train them so they can make a living out of your ideas. Make them aware of the rules and regulations issued by the government. Keep a tab on nearby health field workers.

Spend your time with family members as they are also important. Talk to your kid make them aware of the outside atmosphere. Teach them the feeling of compassion, helping, and kind nature.

3. Positive Mindset

In 2019, many people have fallen prey to negative thoughts with the sudden demise of a dear one, financial instability. Always keep a positive mindset and the right attitude as the negative thoughts weaken the immunity. As the environment you keep reflects the type of person and the work. The famous saying goes as quoted by Lou Holtz “ Things have a way working out if we just remain positive”.

One needs to understand the thought process according to the surroundings and work on converting those thoughts into positive one. In the universe, everything is interrelated. The things or the work that is implying the bad thoughts within you might be the work that is not meant for you. If things are not working for you leave it for the time being take a break then restart the whole process. There might be a new hope in the end. Be optimistic and positive as negative thoughts it will hinder your confidence.

4. Emergency

In case of any medical emergency, do not panic immediately contact the medical helpline. Keep the first aid kit ready and have the basic knowledge of medicine. In case of corona symptoms, rush to the nearby hospital to check for the corona test. If the report is positive, immediately self-isolate yourself. Maintain diet, boiled water, and medicine as prescribed by the hospital. Minimize contact with the corona patient. Check for the oxygen supply regularly, in case keep the oxygen cylinder if the levels are dropping low.

As the third wave is at the door we have to be careful, alert, and prepare for the battle with confidence, immunity, and a positive mindset. In spite of how frustrating, difficult, and hopeless we feel but the focus will be on self-growth, self-improvement, and developing new skills. Together we will and we can fight this 3rd wave of COVID 19.

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