How Can Yoga Help You Maintain a Healthy Headspace

Yoga or “meditation” can not give instant results, but regular practice can prove beneficial. It gives you the feeling of “mindfulness” means to be present at the moment at a specific time. The human being’s feelings are complex to deal with as it is a mixture of sadness, happiness, grief, and many others. Sometimes, after a conflict or a dispute, the mood is very much disturbed. People switch on tv or binge-watch which can harm the brain.

We often connect women with yoga instead of men. For beginners, simple yoga techniques are preferable to complex techniques. Meditation is not only helpful in gaining physical core, but also maintaining mental health. Mental health is necessary for making life-changing decisions.

How it is beneficial depends on the way you practice. Lifestyle has a significant effect on the human brain and body. For the mind and body, you had to take steps such as:

Try the brain-stimulating exercise: Childhood games such as memory games like the scrabbles, or the alphabet games such as naming the city names starting with the letter ‘A’ are enjoyable as well as fun. This is a great learning technique for kids by visualizing things and remembering their names.

Breath in the fresh air: Take a troll in the fresh air explore natural surroundings. Intake of fresh air as deep breaths if you do not have enough time. 5 seconds are enough in a repetitive set of 5. The fresh air not only relaxes the mind but also helps to connect to your inner soul. Deep breathing exercises help to circulate the pure oxygen in the whole body and mind.

Loneliness: Office meetings and other works take a lot of time. So sometimes it is difficult to relax your body and to be self-aware. Spend time with yourself and note down the things that come across your mind. How was your day and did you do the things according to the expectation? Plan your day and list down important things. 

You can give it a spiritual touch by lightening an incense stick or lamp. Focus on the lamp while it burns. This will give you the feeling of stillness. Seating in the garden with the barefeet and feeling it works wonders. Associating with the ground can help you realize your self-worth.

Sound: Every person has a different way of calming your mind. Soul music or the music tune can help you feel relaxed. Headspace and calm apps are built to calm your senses. Engaging in something new, like learning music, can help to associate with the various sounds that are in the surroundings. The sound of birds chirping and nature hustle will be like music to the ears and can relax your mind. Chimes can also calm the mind.

Drinking practice: Always in a rush, try to have a relaxing breakfast. As eating in a rush is not good for the health and mind. Drinking water, tea, or coffee, sip it slowly, feel its touch on your tongue, then on your body. I also used this to get a rhythm with the body. Eat-in whole with your mind fullness. Observe the entire process of making tea, the sound, smell, and enjoy each step involved. 

Healthy headspace is how you can have good mental health while struggling with life’s survival. We can practice simple steps to calm our minds. Do everything with great zeal and enthusiasm. Staying happy is an important step for maintaining a healthy headspace. 

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