7 Movement Meditation Practices That Will Work your Body & Clear Your Mind

Meditation has its ancient root and has been in our origin for a long time. Meditation or yoga has been practiced by our gurus and has been around 1500 BCE. In India, meditation has been associated with Buddhism. Scriptures showing the forms of meditation have been found in the wall craving. Meditation is associated with different seating positions and chanting mantras like “om” is widely seen. This is used to awake all the senses of the body, mind, and help in getting along with the environment.

As time passes the meditation has changed its nature and form. The evolution has taken in yoga. The outlook of people on the seating and standing meditation are the same. There is a line difference between those two types the first one involves moving parts alternatively while the latter involves the whole-body movement simultaneously. But both meditation has the same purpose of increasing the mental strength or the focus of the brain. There are various types of meditation let us have a look at some of them:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • spiritual meditation
  • focused meditation
  • movement meditation
  • mantra meditation
  • transcendental meditation
  • progressive relaxation
  • loving-kindness meditation
  • visualization meditation

These are some of the widely practiced yoga nowadays. With changing lifestyles and other factors there is less physical activity. Most of the work is done only by sitting at a place for long hours. To tackle the problem of long seating moving meditation come to the rescue. There are certain benefits of yoga but the outcome is not instant. Regular practice and duration can yield better results.  

  • Works as a stress buster and anxiety
  • Immunity booster
  • Quality sleep
  • Healthy life
  • Pain killer
  • Body relax
  • Enhance self-esteem and concentration

To clean your mind you had to focus on your breathing. Pranayam is often associated with this. A stress-free environment with fresh air is best suited for this practice. Slow and deep breaths can help to concentrate and know your body well. During deep breathing, the stomach should be moved inside out for a better respiratory system.

The movement meditation involves the body part movements. Try to meditate for at least 20 minutes regularly. Now let us have a look at some of the movement meditation exercises which we encounter in our daily life:


Dancing is the best movement meditation as it can enhance your focus and tune. Each tune is associated with different body movements. Connect the music with your body. Your body will automatically start moving as the music started. Lose your feet on every dance form. Match your rhythm with every tune.


Walking is the basic body movement. Grab yourself 20 minutes put on your shoes and hit on a nearby park and ground. Start with slow walking and connect it with your breathing movement.  


The advanced stage of walking is running. Start by running at a slow pace i.e., jogging then slowly increase the pace as it will ache the bones and the muscles stretch.


Cleaning is a good practice. This will not only give you a clean environment but also allow you to participate in household activities. Cleaning not only cleans the space but also helps in retaining the focus and concentration of the mental state. While keeping things will help in remembering things.


Work from home sitting for a long duration will give you long hours of tiredness, boring. Make your office exciting. Maintain a good posture of seating and standing. As seating for hours can give you backache and neck pain. 


If you do not get enough time to do any physical activity. Stand after 30 min while seating relaxes your body. Shake your body a little. This will help in the whole body movement and in relaxing your mind. This will also help in creating awareness and awakening the senses of the body.


Stretching can be done while seating and standing. Raise your hands above the ground and while joining move your hands sidewards (left side and right side). Touch toes with your hands. Similarly, while seating raises your leg alternatively at 90°. Hold this position for 2 to 3 minutes. Relax again back to the comfortable position. Rotate your leg in both the direction (clockwise and anti-clockwise direction). 

There are various types of meditation but stick on the one that is fit according to your schedule and your body. Stick on the one meditation and properly doing will yield efficient results. The movement meditation in starting gives you the pain and aches but slowly your body will get used to it. 

Most of the meditation videos and YouTube tutorials are available online to learn and practice yoga. The tutorials range from beginner to intermediate level. Sometimes the tutorials are made by the experts. Try to do the ones that are simple to do. Starting from the heavy exercises may result in health problems. If you are having the health conditions like heart problems or any severe problems. A doctor’s advice is often recommended for ensuring the safety of the person. Stay fit, Stay safe! 

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