Easy DIY Curb Appeal Hacks for a Quick Sale

The Canadian real estate market is booming and getting a buyer for your property shouldn’t be a hassle. However, even when it’s a seller’s market, if you want to sell your home fast and at the right price, you need to make it stand out in the neighbourhood.

An easy way to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers is to improve your curb appeal. The Okanagan homes for sale becomes very enticing when buyers get to see a well-maintained yard, fresh coat of paint on your fence and well-trimmed bushes.

DIY hacks to enhance the curb appeal and make your property more attractive to buyers:

1. Deep Clean Your Property

Before you can implement any actual hacks, it’s important to clean your property. Deep clean your property to make it look its best. When you get rid of grime, filth and dirt, even an average property comes out in better shape. If you have a pressure washer for your car, you’re off to a great start. Otherwise, it’s best to rent one and start blasting the gutters, siding, porch, deck, sidewalk and other areas.

Once you get the dirt off the hard surfaces, it’s time to clean the greenery. Rake or blow the dead leaves in one place, get rid of unnecessary clutter from your yard and remove visible debris. Make sure to wash all the front yard facing windows of your home and garage. If you find mould anywhere, clean it with a bleach solution or buy a spray that’s very effective at its job. You’ll be surprised at the transformation your Okanagan house for sale goes through with a deep clean.

2. Paint The Front Door And Add Container Plants

The power of a fresh coat of paint when implemented right can change the look and feel completely. Simply painting the front door with the right colour can make a stark difference and elevate the entrance to a whole new level. Make sure to choose a complementary colour that suits the rest of the paint.

Another step to make your homes for sale in Okanagan more attractive is to add charming container plants to the entrance. Instead of bland white containers, choose colourful pots that pop out at the entrance and draw visitor attention. The goal is to make the entrance a focal point and invite buyers in while leaving an excellent impression on them.

3. Add Personality To Blank Walls With Wall Art

Wall art is synonymous with interior decor. So, how do they fit in a post about enhancing curb appeal? If you have imperfections on a blank wall, covering it up with wall art is easier and cheaper. You can find great wall art for around $50 or less. Whereas, fixing a wall is definitely more expensive.

Be a bit selective while choosing the material for the wall art. It must be made from ceramic, coated metal or stainless steel so that it can stand up to corrosion from elements of nature. A simple wall art instantly upgrades your Okanagan property for sale into a visual masterpiece. 

4. Illuminate Pathways

Your pathways have seen better days. Replacing them requires the help of professionals. Even if you were great at building your own pathway, the materials would cost a lot of money. Instead, wash them and illuminate them with solar outdoor lights. You can find an entire set of those lights for less than $50 on Amazon.

They are easy to install and don’t require you to do any wiring work. Simply install them and forget about them since they get juiced up the entire day to light up your walkways at night. According to Okanagan real estate companies, features that increase curb appeal and are low-maintenance help in selling your home more quickly. 

5. Get Your Lawn In Good Shape

Lawns have a significant impact on your curb appeal and can make or break a deal. When buyers see an unkempt lawn, it sends all kinds of wrong signals. They become suspicious and scrutinise every nitty gritty detail in your property since they think you are a sloppy owner. That’s why it’s best to get your lawn in good shape before you partner with Kelowna luxury real estate agents to sell your property.

Increasing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. These DIY hacks are easy to execute and affordable enough to bring you easy returns with a better sale price or find you a buyer more quickly.

Summary: Want top dollar and fast offers? Our easy curb appeal hacks will make your home the envy of the block, attracting buyers in a flash.

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