Exploring the Best Dubai Desert Safari Ride Experience

Exploring the Best Dubai Desert Safari Ride Experience

When it involves a Dubai excursion bundle, there’s one experience that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Dubai Desert Safari. In this text, we’re going to delve into the exhilarating international of barren region safaris in Dubai, protecting the entirety from costs to the captivating nighttime adventures. Get prepared to embark on a journey like no different inside the coronary heart of the Arabian desolate tract.

Discovering Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Dubai Desert Safari packages are various because of the sands they traverse. To make the maximum of your wilderness journey, it is vital to pick out the proper bundle that fits your options and agenda.

Morning Desert Safari:

Kickstart your day with the Morning Desert Safari and abu dhabi city tour. It’s a really perfect choice for early birds who want to witness the spell-binding sunrise over the dunes. This bundle usually consists of dune bashing, sandboarding, and a hazard to meet and greet the majestic falcons.

Evening Desert Safari:

For people who opt for the allure of placing solar, the Evening Desert Safari is the manner to head. This package deal gives a mix of exciting activities and tranquil moments. You’ll revel in dune bashing, camel driving, henna portray, and a delectable barbecue dinner underneath the starry barren region sky.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Take your wasteland to enjoy to the following stage with an Overnight Desert Safari. Spend the night in a traditional Bedouin camp, complete with cozy bedding and a bonfire. Enjoy stargazing and awaken to a mystical wilderness sunrise.

Dubai Desert Safari Prices: What to Expect

The Desert Safari Dubai prices can range depending on the package you choose and the inclusions supplied by using the excursion operator. On common, expenses can vary from $50 to $150 in line with character. Here’s a breakdown of what you may expect:


Dune bashing

Camel riding


Falcon interactions

Traditional Arabic attire for photos

Henna portray

Belly dance and Tanura suggests (night safari)

Delicious buffet dinner (evening safari)

Unlimited refreshments

Additional Costs:

Quad cycling

Dune buggy rides

Alcohol (if to be had)


It’s essential to ebook your Desert Safari with a good excursion operator. While you would possibly come across less expensive alternatives, satisfaction and safety have to be your pinnacle priorities.

Thrill of Dune Bashing

One of the primary highlights of a Dubai Desert Safari tour is surely dune bashing. This exhilarating activity entails using over sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. Skilled drivers take you on a coronary heart-pounding journey, making it sense like a rollercoaster at the sand.

As you ascend and descend the dunes, you will enjoy a rush of adrenaline like in no way before. The feeling of conquering these golden giants is unmatched. Just be organized for a bumpy, but interesting, journey.

Camel Riding: A Desert Classic

No wilderness journey is complete without a camel trip. Camels are the ‘ships of the barren region,’ and using them allows you to connect to the location’s wealthy cultural background. As you sway gently atop these majestic creatures, you may get a flavor of what it became like for historical Bedouins traversing the dunes.

Sandboarding: Ride the Sand Waves

If you are a fan of snowboarding, you’re in for a treat with sandboarding. Glide down the dunes on a sandboard, experiencing the frenzy of rushing on gentle desolate tract sands. It’s an hobby that combines the thrill of boarding with the serenity of the barren region landscape.

Captivating Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is a journey into the mesmerizing international of Arabian nights. Here’s what you may assume all through this charming enjoy:

Sunset Views:

Arrive in the wilderness within the late afternoon, just in time to witness the sun putting over the dunes. The changing colors of the sky create a photograph-ideal backdrop on your adventure.

Dune Bashing at Dusk:

Experience the joys of dune bashing because the solar dips beneath the horizon. The smooth, golden mild complements the splendor of the wasteland, making it a memorable journey.

Campsite Charm:

Arrive at a Bedouin-style campsite wherein you’ll be welcomed with conventional Arabic espresso and dates. Feel free to explore the camp’s numerous sports, together with henna painting and falconry.

Cultural Experiences:

Immerse yourself in the Emirati way of life with sports like dressing up in traditional attire and getting problematic henna designs on your fingers. You can also watch a captivating belly dance performance and the graceful Tanura dance and also Abu dhabi sightseeing.

Delightful Dinner:

Savor a luxurious buffet dinner featuring an array of Arabian and international dishes. The aroma of grilled kebabs and freshly baked bread fills the air as you dine below the starlit sky.

In Conclusion:

A Dubai Desert Safari is an adventure that takes you on an adventure through the coronary heart of the barren region, presenting a completely unique combination of thrill, tradition, and natural beauty. From the moment you step into the golden sands till you leave with lasting memories, it’s an experience in order to stay with you for all time. So, in case you’re making plans for a ride to Dubai, be sure to include a Desert Safari in your itinerary. It’s a absolutely unforgettable Arabian adventure.

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