10 Luxury Penthouses in Dubai with Shocking Prices!

10 Luxury Penthouses in Dubai with Shocking Prices!

Dubai is a place known for its fancy and extraordinary things. The experience of living in Dubai can be both luxurious and vibrant. The city is decorated with a stunning view providing residential buildings and exceptional penthouses on the top. Luxury penthouses in Dubai are among the most remarkable residential units, offering mesmerizing views and innovative architecture. However, the following list is of the 10 most luxurious penthouses in Dubai with shocking prices.

Binghatti Bugatti residences

Ever imagined living at the top of the sky, yes you can live this dream with the penthouse offered by Binghatti Bugatti which is one of the most luxurious penthouses in Dubai. First on the list is Binghatti Bugatti penthouses. Burj Binghatti Bugatti has completely redefined the luxury and concept of modern lifestyle giving the customer high-end customized living. 

The legendary skyscraper offers penthouses with remarkable architecture and stunning views. The penthouse in Binghatti Bugatti has a shocking price of a minimum of 130M. The penthouse in Binghatti Bugatti is not just a regular residential unit in the world’s tallest residential building but is a completely new experience. 

Figure 1 Binghatti Bugatti residences (Img Alt Text)

Princess Tower, Dubai Marina

Leading second on the list is the most luxurious penthouses in Princess Tower, Dubai Marina. The reason why it is on the second number is that is highly easy to access this penthouse. From Barasti Beach only a 6-minute walk will lead you to the exceptional location of Princess Tower offering one of the world’s highest penthouses on the 86th floor. 

Now, let’s talk about the price of a penthouse for sale which is soaring AED 3,950,000.00 to AED 10,500,000.00. This luxurious penthouse will come with basic and elite facilities including swimming pools; free Wifi, a fitness centre, a bar, family rooms, beachfront and free parking.

Le Reve, Dubai Marina

Third on the list is a luxury penthouse in Le Reve, Dubai. The six-bedroom and seven-bathroom cover the full floor of this 52-storey Le Reve. Le Reve means ‘The Dream’ in French which is an exceptional destination offering one of the most luxurious penthouses in Dubai. If you buy a penthouse in Dubai you have to remain prepared to invest the amount ranging from AED 16,000,000.00 to AED 40,000,000.00. This shocking price of the Le Reve penthouse is completely justified as it offered VIP treatment for the occupant.

Elite Residences, Dubai Marina

Looking for a penthouse for sale you are in the right spot, as the fourth on the list is one of the most luxury penthouses in Dubai that is in Elite residence by Tameer Holdings, the luxurious penthouse is of 4- bedrooms in the 91-storey building that offer 2-3 bedroom apartments. The exact price of the penthouse in the Elite residence is unknown. However, according to the sources approximate price is AED 5,000,000.

Figure 2 Elite Residences, Dubai Marina (Img Alt Text)

Marina Gate, Dubai Marina

Fifth on the list is the magnificent penthouse in Marina Gate. The penthouse in Marina Gate offers a luxurious and gorgeous design with massive space. The penthouse in Elite residence spans a total of 5,843 sq. ft. encompassing the architecture with open living and entertainment. The amenities of a penthouse in Marina Gate offer elegant design, an infinite pool, play area, cafes, tennis and basketball courts and more. The soaring price of this elite penthouse is 7 450 000 AED.

Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina

Sixth on the list is the luxury penthouse in Dubai, in Cayan Tower. Conveniently situated near the Dubai Marina part, offers a luxurious lifestyle comprising of space 5,484 sq. ft. a car garage with driver room, maid room, private pool and primarily 4 bedrooms. One of the penthouses in Cayan Tower was sold at the price of Dh18 million. 

Palazzo Versace, Culture Village

Seven on the list is the penthouse in Palazzo Versace which is a neo-classical masterpiece which is the amalgamation of Italian and Arabian architecture. 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, the penthouse in Palazzo Versace offers nightlife, dining, events, pools and a spa. Due to these luxuries, the mind-boggling price of a penthouse in Palazzo Versace is AED14, 900,000.

23 Marina, Dubai Marina

Eight is one of the best and most luxurious penthouses in Dubai at 23 Marina. The penthouse spans 43,000 sq. ft. and is on four floors through which occupants can enjoy a 360-degree view of Dubai. Penthouses for sale have a price of AED, 12,000,000.

Figure 3 23 Marina, Dubai Marina (Img Alt Text)

Volante, Business Bay

For the buyers who want the finest and one of the most luxurious penthouses in Dubai, number nine is penthouses in Volante, Business Bay. The extraordinary luxury penthouses stretch with a living area of 19,850 sq.ft., 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. This luxury penthouse in Dubai can be bought for AED 21,500,000.

One Palm, Palm Jumeirah

Last but not the least is the penthouse in one palm. One of the manmade marvels of Palm Jumeirah is the one palm penthouse on sale, which recently was sold at a whopping price of approximately AED 86 million. The luxurious penthouses offer loads of amenities including five bedrooms, a space of 21,300 sq. ft, a private lift, and floor-to-ceiling windows and allow occupants to get a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s iconic landmarks including Burj Al Arab and Ain Dubai.


The prices of the properties of penthouses in Dubai are on an increasing trend. Thanks to the downtown developments in Dubai. All the 10 most luxurious penthouses listed above offer a modern and convenient lifestyle. The prices of each penthouse vary according to the exceptional services and luxuries it offers.

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