Which Saree You Will Choose For Function?- Chiffon or Georgette

Saree is the most loved ethnic wear in India. Every woman has their taste in dressing in their way. Sarees are popular due to their adaptability with flexible texture around the feminine figure. Sarees like chiffon and georgette look great on them due to their undeniable qualities. Before anyone concludes without discussion, let’s try to know chiffon sarees versus georgette sarees.

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon is a breathable, cosy, and delicate woven fabric. The French term “chiffe,” which denotes a garment, is whence the English word “chiffon” originates. Chiffon sarees are made of textiles other than cotton and silk, such as rayon, nylon, and polyester. Print chiffon fabric is also used for creating great sarees and other outfits. Soft, lightweight, and drape friendly are the best qualities to answer chiffon fabric.

What is Georgette?

Georgette is a lightweight and transparent fabric with a bouncy look. Due to the crepe family breed, georgette fabric comes with a drab and hash texture to create beautiful attires. Georgette comes in two varieties pure and faux. Pure georgette is made of silk and faux georgette is made of polyester and rayon. Salwar suits, blouses, sarees, and gowns are the most popular clothing made from printed georgette fabric. Lightweight and bouncy are the best qualities to answer georgette fabric.

Difference Between Chiffon Saree Versus Georgette Saree


Chiffon is sheerer in terms of transparency whereas georgette fabric is semi-sheer and opaque. Chiffon sarees have better sheer and are better than georgette saree in terms of volume and layers. 


Georgette saree have a more springy and bouncy drape than chiffon sarees. Chiffon sarees are more flowing than georgette and do not stick to the body.


Bright colors like orange, bottle green, and purple look great in georgette sarees, and light colors like light yellow, sky blue, and baby pink look great in chiffon sarees. 


Georgette sarees are thicker and stronger which makes them more durable than chiffon. Chiffon material is less durable due to its thin texture. 


Georgette is dull finished and matter in nature whereas chiffon has a glossy and thin net or mesh appearance in sarees.


Chiffon is silkier and smoother whereas georgette has a crinkled and textured appearance as compared to the grainy and rough appearance of chiffon. Also, the georgette fabric yarns are twisted in the opposite direction of the weave.


Georgette fabric is thicker than chiffon and is created from silk and polyester. Chiffon is made of silk or synthetic fibers and is lightweight.


In comparison to chiffon, georgette fabric can easily be colored and georgette fabric has high absorbency which makes it easy to dye.


Georgette saree gives a stunning look to the wearer and chiffon saree gives elegant look to the wearer. Georgette sarees are great for evening wear and chiffon is great for a daytime event.

Georgette v/s chiffon sarees- Which one to select?

Both chiffon and georgette sarees are a must for your wardrobe and both of them are fantastic materials to wear at marriage parties and family functions. The selection of georgette and chiffon sarees completely depends upon your preferences. If you want to look stunning, go for georgette and if you want to look elegant, go for chiffon. We also have discussed both differences of qualities in detail above.

Decision time

Both georgette and chiffon sarees are popular due to their qualities. If you are going for a daytime event, you should wear chiffon sarees and if you are attending an evening party, go for a georgette saree. There are lots of colors and designs available online to choose and you can find the best prints of both sarees at online sources. Chose wisely according to their qualities and make your day special.

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