Turn Heads with Your Ethnic Wear: 7 Secrets for an Expensive Look

We all love different kinds of luxury clothes for our special occasions. But, luxury does not mean about expensive outfits. We need to have some ethnic pieces to go with the occasion. Designer outfits are far more costly than our normal budget and most of us cannot afford it. 

Best Ways to look Expensive in Budget

Stop Wearing Old Fashion

The first and most important step is to stop wearing your old or outdated craps and adopt new modern wear. Few people have the old mindset and keep wearing their favorite outfits from 20-30 years old outfit. But, the truth is that new generation people like seeing people with modern outfits and it does not mean that you have to leave your favorite cotton fabric or silk fabric and you can explore a wide range of modern outfits in these fabrics as well without compromising with your favorite fabrics. If you have a grand mother jacket, you can also make it stylish to look elegant and most us love them too. I spent around 10 years with normal people with normal budgets. You are paying for their craftsmanship, quality, and upfront style.

For Great Style On Budget, Leave Your Dated Pieces

Style and fashion keep on changing. This is the reason, we should always keeps on changing and updating our wardrobe with latest fashion outfit. No one oves outdated outfits and you should wear latest dresses and stylish clothes. And we always see old fashion trends in a new way. So, hope you can get an edit now.

Make Your Own Style

Style never mean to copy or follow other’s fashion tips. You must have noticed that fashion influencer keeps on updating their outfits and this is what makes them popular among public. Not every time you get attention but with your own styles, you will be more happy and look good. Our needs and preferences keep on changing over time and we need to make our styling with the current trends. For inspiration, you can search many fashion magazines and online stores for finding the right style. When you are clear about what looks great on you, your fashio sense will help you to try new outfits and even in making your own designs. You might love mixing textures, neutrals and monochromatic outfits and it can be a part of your dressing wears. The best thing about self-styling today is that you can explore a wide range of stylish outfits at online stores within your budget.

Dont Forget to Polish Your Nails This Way

People pays attention to the ladies fashion sense and nails is one important part of it. Polish your nails with different colors every week according to your own fashion style. You can do it your own and can also save great money on it. Make sure that your nail paint is appealing to your outfit to complement the look.

Match Your Hardware

Dont undermine the value of accessories or hardware of your outfits. Everything from hair clip to sandals matters and few thing like earrings, necklace, buttons, belt, purse and jackets matters a lot. All things matters because fashion is incomplete without bright and vibrant accessories.  

Work With Neutrals, Texture, and Basics

You can always find resources, textures and basics in budget. You might have to run a bit to find them but you can find them local stores near you. You will get more use out of pieces but also look pulled together. Neutrals create a rich look together although how much you spent on them. Neutrals give the same effect whether it is brown, white, tan, gray and navy. 

Dont mix Patterns

Contrary to what most of your fashion blogs will tell you, mixing patterns is a great way of adding techniques and understanding colors theory and composition and balance. If you do this haphazardly, it can be a great mess. Instead, pick a sophisticated look and ground it with basics. 

Avoid Clearance Impulse Purchases

When I worked with a few clients, they were burning money on certain categories like discounted shoes from different places. Instead of looking at an almirah filled with boxes of shoes never worn, my priority would be to take well-made and stylish low-cost shoes that I love most. 


Ethnic wear is the best way to dress up without losing our cultural values and but people buy anything they see and it has a deep impact on their budget. At last, they have staples and shoe boxes which they don’t like to wear. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to have a sensible way of looking great and have a sensible collection of ethnic wear and fashion accessories.

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