How to Resolve Common Mozilla Thunderbird Errors

Thunderbird is a product from Mozilla is an open-source email manager that users can connect to their email accounts via various services such as IMAP, SMTP at, etc. It is possible to install it on your desktop and use it to access emails regularly. If you’ve connected multiple accounts to Thunderbird and you want to access them all simultaneously through the program. It is able to separate mailboxes with the separate folders.

If you’ve enabled a reliable antivirus software on your computer and you’re upgrading your windows frequently, you are less likely that Thunderbird will be able to overcome any difficulties in email communications. Additionally, the behavior of a corrupted desktop program can affect the ability of your mailbox to send or process for emails. In this article, we’re going to expose you to several common errors that can be found in Mozilla Thunderbird completely. If you’ve encountered problems like this with Thunderbird and you are having issues, then follow the entire process to safeguard your email account.

  1. Common Problems in Thunderbird
    1. #1. I am unable to receive any new emails.

If you get new emails from Thunderbird the messages are displayed in colors of the board to make it easy to identify them. Click the link to read the email and then check for attached to it. If you suspect that your email account isn’t receiving email, then you need to look into the settings of your account and then reset the account.

  1. Open the application and select Tools. Select Account Settings to open it.
  2. Within your user account, navigate to Server Settings. You can check for inappropriate settings in different areas like server name the authentication method, check for new messages on the beginning of each day, look for new messages each minute, enable instant server alerts when an update is received and so on. Reset these settings and then restart your program.

#2. You cannot send emails

If the user attempts to create an email and then send it to an account outside of the it will remain within the inbox of outboxes for brief period of time before it is processed completely. After that, it is stored in the Sent folder. If it remains in your outbox, it indicates that your email account isn’t sending emails and you need to examine the settings for outgoing servers.

There could be two causes for this – the first is that the settings for your account in Thunderbird are altered, and Port 25 is prohibited by Internet Service Provider.

  1. On the page for account settings Check the various settings such as the email server that is inbound, outgoing mail server the username and password are set up correctly.
  2. Set the port to 25 on an going SMTP Server.

#3. You cannot delete emails.

The deleted emails aren’t deleted from the mailbox entirely however, they are kept within the garbage folders for short period of time. Then, they’re removed completely. If your outlook isn’t getting to the trash folder, and the junk folder isn’t emptying old messages, you need to fix the issue.

  1. It is possible to open the profile directory by visiting the Troubleshooting page. To begin, you must select three parallel lines for the Menu to display, then select Help.
  2. Click on ‘More Troubleshooting Information.’
  3. Click to open Folder within the Profile Folder category.
  4. A drive folder is be opened in which all profile information is stored.
    Notice: You should close the Mozilla Thunderbird application before deleting the trash file.
  5. Select Trash or trash.msf and remove it from your profile.
  6. Restart the Thunderbird application. It will create the Trash folder for the account.

#4. Doesn’t allow encryption

The issue with encryption in Thunderbird is a sign that the server is unable to allow encryption due to technical issues. Because of the absence of encryption within the account, it is susceptible to various cyber-attacks, such as hacking, phishing, and the use of spying.

  1. In the settings for your account go to settings for server.
  2. Verify the port number before changing it back to 993.
  3. In connection security, select the drop-down menu to select the Normal Password mode.
  4. Restart Thunderbird.

#5. The Application has Crashed Abruptly.

It’s common when an application crashes quickly and users are unable to access the account. In the event that the application is not opening and then it crashes it could be due to a corruption issue in the application. It is recommended to uninstall the application and then redownload it. However, all accounts will be deleted , and you have to create them again.

  1. Conclusion

Many problems with Mozilla Thunderbird are solved by users due to the useful settings options within your account’s settings. It is able to manage the settings of servers, settings for junk end-to-end encryption, copies and folders composition and addressing storage and synchronization. It can alter the environment that is used for an account, however, when the application is corrupted and the account is not functioning, it will not function.

To ensure the security of your mailboxes on your account, utilize an expert Regain MBOX to PST conversion software which will retrieve mail and store it to an alternative format or platform. If you encounter any of the issues mentioned or issues, you must try the troubleshooting techniques available or the repair procedure of a professional to retrieve all information.

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