How to Clean the Glass Tabletop Finally

Any customer who buys a beautiful glass table needs to clean it. He thinks about how he can clean it quite well. Let’s talk about the many techniques to clean a glass tabletop.

  •  For basic care to remove the dust from stains soft cloth is not recommended to clean it. While tissue paper can be used and encouraged.  Tissue paper is more effective to clean the glass tabletop.
  •   We often read the newspaper in our houses. A dry paper can be used on wet glass to clean the windows and glass tabletop.
  •  Never cleans the glass with a simple or ordinary cloth. It may cause strong stains, so always use lemon water, bleach, or other cleaning items to clean the glass tabletop.
  • One part vinegar and two parts water should be combined. Then spray on the tabletop. After spraying dry it with a clean cloth.  This is a cheap way to clean the glass.
  • Cleaning the glass tabletop with alcohol drops is also the best way to clean it. Then wipe it with a dry clean cloth.
  • To clean the underside of the tabletop. Dip a clean piece of cloth then wipe it. If you don’t want to clean by sitting then use a long rod to clean the table underside.
  •  To clean the dust, you can use hot water. Dip the cloth and wring it out. You need a damp cloth not fully wet. It will clean it better.
  • For a really dirty table, you can use dishwashing soap. Then rub the glass with a clean piece of rug. The result will be shown.
  • To remove the fatty liquid, dip a cloth or soft sponge in powder or dishwasher to clean the glass.
  • To polish and remove the dust using a lint-free towel or chamois cloth is encouraged.
  • If unfortunately, wax spoils the look of your glass tabletop. You can use solvents like bleach, or vinegar, to remove the wax. Then clean the area with a piece of cloth.
  • Wet the sponge with water and add barkeeper powder over the sponge. Gently pass the sponge over it to clean the glass tabletop.
  • Fill the bucket with hot water and add soap or dishwashing lotion. Mix it until it is sudsy. Then gently clean the table with a clean rug. 
  • A natural cleaner is also effective to use to clean the glass tabletops in the family. Children can also be affected by the germs so it can be used to remove the germs and dust.
  • You can use store-bought cleaners to sanitize and clean the glass tabletop. It not only cleans but also keeps away germs. 

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