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Canada is a developed country known for its high immigration rate. Every year, tons of students enter the country to pursue their dream courses. Even after completing education, many choose to remain in the country for various reasons, including higher studies, work, business, or obtaining the country’s permanent residency. Studying further is the most common reason students have to stay in Canada. However, studying a new course requires candidates to extend their current study permit. Through our post, study visa holders can learn the process involved in applying for a new application to extend their study visa and pursue a new program without leaving the country. The process that we will discuss here is as per IRCC guidelines. Candidates can also approach RCIC members at Western Overseas for personal assistance. Stay tuned and learn how to extend Study Permit in Canada.

The Right Time to Renew Study Permit Canada

When a student is issued a study permit, an expiry date is mentioned in the top right corner of the document. It defines the exact time of completing a course and leaving the country. Generally, the validity of this document is equal to the course duration. Also, students get the extra time of 90 days to prepare other plans such as departure or studying further. So, students must carefully use these 3 months. 

Candidates willing to pursue a new course need to follow some guidelines for smooth and fast processing to study permit extension. 

  • Students are advised to apply for the extension 30 days before their current visa expiry date.
  • A Student needs to apply for new study permits or restore their status as a transient resident if their current visa expires. 

VISA extension pre-requirements 

  • Submission of the visa application must be 30 days prior to the expiry date
  • Enough validity of passport (usually equal to or more than a new course length)
  • Meanwhile the visa process, students can study under the same terms and conditions as applied to the old study permit. 

Step to apply for Study VISA Extension – Canada

IRCC lets students put the application online. It is the most preferred mode to apply except for uncertain conditions such as candidates’ disabilities to apply online or any glitch in the online system. Online applications offer students many benefits, such as

  • Save document delivery time and courier fees
  • Processing is accurate as compared to offline mode
  • Candidates can track the status of their application
  • Documents are easy and safe to upload online
  • A confirmation number sent by the official ensures your application is complete
  1. Complete Documentation

The following documents need to be gathered before applying online:

  • Letter of acceptance (LOA)
  • IMM 5709 Form
  • Co-op letter if also applying for a work permit
  • Passport and digital photos
  • Sufficient Funds Proofs (Bank statements)

The IRCC may ask for additional documents. Therefore, coordinate with the authorities.

  • Fill up the application form online

Login to your “Immiaccount” or create a new one for a new application to the study extension. Candidates need to fill in every detail carefully to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Answer every question correctly and complete the application by uploading the required document listed above. 

  • Pay the application fees

An application fee is required to pay to proceed with visa processing. It is the end of the VISA application, and on making the fee transaction, students get the confirmation and need to wait for the result.

  • Track VISA Status

With online mode, students have the benefit of tracking the current status of their visa applications. Also, the immigration official updates students for any additional requirements or changes. The process is carried out in a detailed manner and takes enough time to review the application. 

  • VISA Results

Candidates are informed through the mail of the visa results. Accordingly, they can plan further. The chances of an approved study permit extension are maximum. So students don’t need to worry about it. They just need to follow the steps and complete the study permit extension requirements.

Cost to apply for Study Permit Extention Canada

Students are required to pay application fees of CAN $150 and Biometric fees of CAB $85. No other cost is included in the process. 

Study Permit Extention Processing Time

As per the IRCC, the minimum time to process online applications is around 118 business days. In contrast, it takes around 110 days to process offline applications. Additional time may be included for biometric and other health examinations if required. 

Western Overseas – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Students must feel confident when applying for a study permit extension in Canada. However, approaching Western Overseas, who are Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and take full responsibility for visa cases, surely be a good option.

  • Success Track Record: Thousands of clients having success with their visa applications is a positive signal. 
  • Transparency and Accountability: They offer transparency in providing quality visa services.
  • Free Consultation: Take advantage of free pre-evaluation of your profile to be sure about the visa decision.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have before engaging in their services. 

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