Australia Work VISA to Fill Unoccupied Positions with Skilled Workers

Australia Work VISA to Fill Unoccupied Positions with Skilled Workers

Immigration in Australia is skilled-based. Talented people never get disappointed if they choose Australia as their destination to move abroad for work. Many visa options that match one’s eligibility to work in Australia can be easily found. One needs to be aware of the work opportunities and how to grab them timely. Today’s post will discuss jobs available to immigrants with the necessary skills and relevant experience. Australia’s low population and unavailability of skilled workers leave many jobs unoccupied. Therefore, Australian employers look for outsourcing of workers. This demand creates a hope in overseas employees to be hired for unfilled vacancies. If you don’t want to miss out, keep reading our content to find a suitable visa option.

Temporary skill shortage VISA is designed to meet employment demands and hire talented workers overseas. However, it is also mandatory to prove the shortage of Australians or PR holders to recruit labor from foreign countries. Applicants don’t need to worry about all this as the employers do this work. Let’s see the streams associated with TSS VISA (Subclass 482).

There are four types of 482 VISA candidates can apply for. Each stream has its own requirements and eligibility conditions. Interested candidates can approach us if they have a specific query about a particular stream.

  1. Short-term Stream – Reserved for short-term skilled occupations, candidates can apply for this type if they meet eligibility criteria. On this visa, employees can stay up to 2 years. 5-years stay is allowed for Hong Kong passport holders. Multiple entries are allowed if you are granted a 482 visa. Also, a pathway to permanent residency is available to TSS short-term steam visa holders.

Conditions to be fulfilled are

  • Applicants with two years of relevant work experience are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must have an approved nomination from an employer
  • Occupation must be listed on the short-term occupation list
  • A positive skill assessment report if your profession demands it
  • Candidates must be sponsored to apply to work in Australia
  • Candidates must meet minimum English proficiency level
  • Medium-term Stream – Candidates selected for medium and long-term or regional occupation lists can apply for this visa. A 4-year stay is allowed if a candidate is issued this visa. Hong Kong passport holders have permission to stay for five years. If you hold this visa, candidates are free to travel any number of times to and from bridging visa Australia. Study rights are also attached to this visa with no assistance from the government. Eligible candidates can apply for permanent residency through Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream under Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream. Before applying for this stream, an applicant
  • Must be nominated for an occupation listed on MLTSSL or ROL
  • Must have two years of relevant work experience in the same occupation
  • Must be nominated by the employer for the occupation
  • If applicable, A positive skill assessment report
  • Must have a sponsor, usually the employer
  • Must meet minimum English proficiency requirement
  • Labor agreement Steram – This visa is granted for occupations under a labor agreement due to a shortage of skilled labor. Depending upon the agreement’s terms and conditions, a 4-year stay is allowed if this visa is granted. In comparison, Hong Kong passport holders can stay for five years. With multiple visa entries, study rights are included in this visa with no government support. Candidates must fulfill the following conditions before applying for this visa.
  • Must have a nomination for an occupation under a labor agreement
  • Total two years experience in the related field
  • Skill assessment report, if required
  • Work only for your employer who sponsored you.
  • Functional-level English proficiency
  • Subsequent Entrant – Family members of subclass 457 visa holders and TSS visa holders are eligible to apply for this visa. A separate visa application is lodged to join Australia’s primary visa holder. Through this visa, you can live, work, and study in Australia till the visa is valid. Traveling to and from Australia is allowed multiple times on this visa.
  • Applicant must be a partner or dependent of visa holder 482 or 457
  • You must be nominated by visa holder 457 or 485
  • Your nominator must sponsor you.

Cost to apply for TSS VISA 482

VISA TypeCosts in AUD
Short-term stream – Subclass 482$1455
Medium-term stream – Subclass 482$3035
Labour agreement stream – Subclass 482$3035
Subsequent entrant – Subclass 482$1455

TSS VISA Processing time

VISA TypeEstimated Time
Short-term stream – Subclass 48259 days
Medium-term stream – Subclass 48280 days
Labour agreement stream – Subclass 482154 days

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