7 Way to Engage Children Creatively Over Winter Holidays

As the winters are standing near the corner, most of the parents are scratching their heads. The long winter vacation along with the corona is giving them a hard time. The outdoor is very chilly and with the virus in the air, it is harmful to stay out. Most of the children are attached to the screen. Visual effects create an extraordinary impact on children’s brains. Less time outdoors will create more screen time indoors which is harmful to the brain and affect productivity. But the most difficult is the kids that are scribbling the walls due to boredom. So, let us look at a few:

  • Engage in a group activity

When at home gather all your family members. Participate in the games that require 3-4 people to play like ludo. By playing these games the kids will learn what is win or loss in a game. If they won gave them a reward like watching tv, or play a mobile video game. This will help in understanding the game spirit. Some of the old board games are business, ludo, carom, and cards. You can decide whether to go solo or make a group of two. Nowadays more games are available you can decide which one you like depending on the interest like mystery, detective, or a jungle bumpy ride.

  • Paint the walls red

Art and craft are the most important subjects as they inculcate the creativity of the children. Most of the time the children used to draw on the wall which is difficult to wipe. This will make the walls look dirty. Instead of pen and pencil give them chalks and let them draw. Chalks marks can later be scraped away. Try the different types of art like you can paint your hands and legs and scribble on the chart paper. Hand painting is also a good option. If your children still want to scribble on the walls then try outdoors. 

  • Go green

Understanding the plants around you is important. Identify the leaves and the plant name. As the common plants that are seen at home are the tulsi, money plant, etc. Take the children and teach them basic gardening skills. Show them how hard it is to do the plantation or how much time it takes them to plant or grow a tree. Tell them to water every day for survival. Help them to understand which plant is beneficial for health and what are the uses of each plant.

  • Rainbow is forever

The rainbow is made of several colors i.e. VIBGYOR stands for (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and learn). This will not only educate the color but also help in increasing vocabulary. Draw out a rainbow on plain paper. Color each circle with 7 different colors. Now give a task to bring the items or products that are of the same color as that of the rainbow. Give them a try and bring only items that are fit on the tray.

  • Cleaning basics

Allow them to participate in household activities like cleaning, cooking, and baking. Give them the task like fold your clothes in 15 minutes, cleaning the room or challenge to do the work in a time limit. Teach them basic cooking skills like chopping by giving them a blunt blade knife. Ask them to water the garden area or clean the car with soap water. This will help in relaxing the mood.

  • Basic General Knowledge

Basic education is very important. Education starts from the womb of the mother. Children start to understand every aspect. As the basic knowledge starts from home. In English, we deal with alphabets. Many of the vocabulary games are available. Make them realize what the letter is associate them with an object like a stand for an apple. Ask them to take out apples that fit in their hand and make them count which will be dealing with the numbers. We used to study math. Later on, you can start by playing alphabet games by telling the state or town name associated with the alphabet like a is for Aligarh and the next person will speak with the letter H and so on. Till they struggle with the place name.

  • Relax time

 Keep it a day off. Relax by doing an outing. Take your day out, spend the time outdoors. Watch family or Disney movies with the family. Go on a picnic invite a family or two. Invite neighbors and your near and dear ones. The children of the same age understand each other. They mingle very early and know the feeling of sharing and friendship. Give them the puzzle to solve and colors to bring the artist within the children.

Spending more time with children will help in developing a more strong bond. Parents will start understanding the children and develop more ways to ensure the proper growth and upbringing of the child.  

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