7 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in USA

Website building and digital marketing have taken over the whole business industry by a storm and nowadays good traffic to your website is crucial to maintain not only a brand status quo but to also ensure high rankings of the business page. Many brands take advantage of a good professional SEO services company in USA to make sure that their webpage is optimized and getting a significant amount of traffic. It is important for your company as well to do the same and not remain behind your competitors, so here are multiple free ways you can increase traffic to your website if you are based in USA.

  1. Advertisement
  2. Creating appealing content
  3. Social Media
  4. Guest Blogging
  5. Focusing on Headlines
  6. Updating blog posts
  7. Posting LinkedIn content
  8. Email marketing
  9. Reducing Bounce rate
  10. Internal Linking
  11. Referral Traffic
  12. LSI keywords for Optimization
  13. Analytical Data Examination
  14. Webinars and Conferences
  15. Video Incorporation in content

Herein, we will be discussing the top 7 ways which have been proven to be most efficient to increase traffic to your websites.


There may be various posts on your site which are outdated according to the trends of USA. They were either made as a filler material or for a trend which has now long passed. For more traffic, your website needs to be active and fresh. 

Old and outdated posts give an impression of an inactive website so to curb this, go through your website. Find posts which are now old and irrelevant and update them with fresh and related content. Spice up your website to be more in line with the times and attractive to the visitors. Add techniques which are presently efficient and eliminate techniques which have served their purpose.


It is repeatedly said by anyone you ask, or in any informative blog you come across, that your content is the biggest factor which brings traffic to you, and it is the same case for USA based websites. It is crucial to have content which is informative and rich while simultaneously being related to the current trends. 

Additionally, if you cater to the influencers of any field, they help your content reach more people which increases traffic. It is so because people have interest towards certain aspects in waves and if catered properly to them, they can make up a large fanbase which visits your website on a regular basis and helps you keep up high rankings which is the ultimate goal of increasing traffic. 


A high bounce rate is essentially a dark spot on the reputation of a website and can heavily impact the traffic you get on a daily basis. Find out the reasons for increased bounce rates, especially in USA and verify them with your website. If your website has issues which increase your bounce rate, now is the time to combat them properly and ensure the visitors, whether from USA or any part of the world, stay on your website for longer times improving its traffic.


Usage of LSI keywords and affordable search engine optimization services is one of the best ways you can optimize your USA based website. Use meta descriptions and internal links as well as alt texts for image to create maximum on page SEO. On page SEOs are crucial to the traffic and rankings of a website.

Look up the search engine algorithms in your specific areas of USA and use keywords according to the same. This will greatly help the local traffic on your website and eventually traffic from other areas as well. There are various professional SEO service companies in USA which can help you do the same in a better manner by focusing on the techniques which can be used in your area.


Social media is a significant aspect of digital marketing in the current times. While good content is important, it is useless if it is not reaching the people who are in your target audience, especially when you are focusing on a certain area like USA. Be proactive and dynamic on social media so that you can increase the visibility of your business and help it reach more people. Promote your content on sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (to name a few) depending on the type of content you are generating and let social media do its magic. It is to be kept in mind that usage of certain hashtags and keywords is important to always stay with the trends of the times.


Guest blogging and blogging as a whole is still a significant part of the industry. If you get a chance for a blog on a well-known site, it can be really helpful in securing more traffic for your website. For example, since your company is USA based, you can look for websites which are reputed for blogs in USA and post your blog there which can widely increase the reach of your company and website.


Referral traffic is the sort of traffic wherein you can interlink pages and get traffic from other forums or sections which can be easily linked and redirected to your website. This is a very common technique used by digital marketing agencies in USA due to its efficiency in improving traffic. The upsides are many and thus it is always a good idea to invest in a good digital marketing agency in USA so that they can help you with referral traffic methods which are localized to your area.

While there are various methods to improve traffic, we have only discussed the most important ones with you which have been tried and tested by WebDesignVR on a regular basis. Ours is one of the best SEO agencies in USA and are a digital marketing services company providing you with some of the best SEO services in USA. Our focus is on providing you affordable search engine optimization services. Contact us today if you are a USA based company looking for efficient ways to optimize your website and thrive with digital marketing.

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