6 Tips Around Getting Noticed on the B2B Trade Portal

With so many businesses out there fighting for the same target market it can be difficult to get noticed. If you want your business to get noticed then you need to understand where your target market is and how they are looking for services.

B2B trade portals have become an integral part of the trade industry. Some of these trade portals act as a place for those interested in buying and those interested in selling to find each other. Other trade portals are more of a platform that allows you to showcase your business and take direct orders.

Why you should sell on the Online B2B trade portal?

Many people do not know that the B2B (business to business) industry is larger than the consumer market. It is twice as large and has a bigger impact on the economy. There are many benefits of selling on the B2B portal. You can tap into a wider market and reach out to more customers. It is easy to set up a shop online, and you can get your products listed in minutes. The support in the B2b trade portal is more reliable and it can serve the customers better. The B2b trade portal can help you to increase your ROI.

Advantages of B2B portals:

  • Quick Process: The presence of a real-time B2B marketplace helps to take quick decisions. You do not need to visit buyers to make deals every time. B2B trade portals allow to make communication and help in establishing relationships with buyers and sellers. This will make it easier to carry on the process and allows for quick decisions.
  • Easier display of products: Many B2B trading websites allow registering on the B2B portal for import and export. The B2B portals make it easy to display the catalogue of products in an organized manner which will help to attract more customers.
  • Reduced costs: Due to the availability of B2b portals in India it becomes easier to enter the B2B trade marketplace. The set-up and other overhead costs have been reduced. Now we can register through the B2B trade portals to communicate and display the products. We don’t need to spend a large amount of money on other promotions as many B2B trading websites also provide crucial services like Social media marketing and SEO promotion.
  • Wider Reach: B2B portals help to enter the international B2B marketplace and engage with more buyers and sellers across the globe. We can reach out to a large number of people and increase our business in the global overseas market. Reaching out to a targeted audience will help you to generate more leads and soon you can convert them into customers.

How to make the best use of B2B portals?

B2B portals are a great way to bring together talent and buyers to help them find what they’re looking for. There are top 5  types of B2B portals In India such as Alibaba, Amazon, Indiamart, Global Trade Plaza, and TradeIndia. 

1. International B2B marketplace:  B2B trade portal is a place where every business, big or small, has a profile and can do business with other companies. These portals are the modern-day trade marketplace where businesses can showcase their products, services, and offers to their potential customers.

2. E-procurement: E-procurement means when transactions place between the buyer and seller over the internet. The transaction cost gets reduced due to the streamlined transaction process. This helps to save costs and also saves time.

3. Prospects list: B2 trade portals provide you with the best prospects list according to many factors from their database that will help you to target the right audience and will increase your amount of leads.

4. Expert solution: B2B trade portals have a team of professionals and experts who will help you to teach the right strategies and guidance and will also solve your every kind of query.B2B portals for import and exports in India have experts who are there to help you at every stage so that you can improve your business without facing any obstacles.

5. SEO promotion: B2B trade portals have a team of professionals who will also provide you the SEO promotion service that will help to engage more traffic to your website and make sure to reach out to the targeted audience which will in return increase the lead generation.

6. New business opportunities: B2B marketplace is the new era of business. B2B international marketplace is the source of new business opportunities every now and then. B2B trading websites help to provide all the statistics and analytics according to the international market that will help the business to further decide how to carry and plan the international sales accordingly.

How to get noticed by buyers on B2B portals?

1. Fulfill your customer needs: When you work for customers and become customer-oriented you will attract more buyers. Understand the needs and demands of your customers and plan your sales accordingly. Recognizing a customer’s need is the first step toward moving forward on a successful business journey. Understand the customer’s needs and provide them with a unique solution.

2. Strong Online presence: On the B2B portal, try to build a clear brand profile that will properly clarify the brand details, motive, vision, service, and products. Make sure to work on your USP so that customer understands who you are and what are you offering. Use the specific catalog on the B2B trade portal in India that will help to carry smooth import and export as it will explain the product properly to the buyer. Also, use social media to build your strong online presence. Many B2B portals for import and export help for promotion on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This will help to interact with more audiences who will become aware of your product and company.

3. Build strong trust: Building strong trust and relationships with the buyers will help you in the long term. Try to interact with them properly and understand what they want. What are the possible problems they are facing? What is the ultimate solution they want? Earn their trust and take the help of the experts from the B2B portals and build a strong relationship with them. Be a hero to them and make sure they know that your business is the right place for them and how are you beneficial to them in all possible ways.

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