Why is Retro Gaming So Fashionable?

A lot of newer games are hard to play over being too complex and a lot of them are full of weekness or bad storylines or bad designs.

The most popular Retro games still be like Super Mario or Donkey Kong or Sonic

Super Mario in a lot of ways was fan favorite for young or older people a like since it was a good game to play platformers plus the weapons or tools you could use in it such fire plant to give you fireballs to shot at the enemies is a lot of fun for gamers of all ages more less the frog suit to allow you to swim under water like a frog is both smart and cool designed plus how the swimming is done like a Frog is attractive for anyone who likes this kind of animals as well.

Some people find it funny the Mushroom Mario meant to take is meant to one which makes you high if you are still a kid this may not make sense but when you get a little bit older it will make more sense to you since in theory, the mushrooms in the game do look like ones which give you a high effect which some people now believe Mario is simply high for how the game is played in reality which would be kind of funny if it is true .

You can also fly or float in the games which is a lot of fun which is why many people go back to like Super Mario 2 or 3 to fly often showing it’s still fun even today.

Donkey Kong was in some ways kind of like Mario 2 since it could even have been more popular if Nintendo promoted it more than Mario but as they say, sometimes fate just happens instead of we make it happen ourselves and Donkey kong has a lot of fun parts to it such as throwing the burrows at enemies is both fun and funny seeing happen to the enemies when they get to hit you can also get animals to help you such as like rhino which is my overall favourite animal to control in the game which most other people seem to agree with me on that overall.

You can get Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong kind of like dad and son characters with Donkey Kong being stronger normally but Diddy being weaker but a lot faster overall so you can get different combat styles from both characters if one dies you can get him back by just finding DK burrows which should allow the other monkey to come back to help you .

The boss fights in these games are popular. The most fun part of the game is normally just jumping drop until the baddie dies most of the time based on the platformer system overall.

Sonic is the fastest paced game our of the retro ones more less the fan favorite at least the character is more like a teenage based man for  how he acts and his shoes look in a way fashionable like trainers which was done to make it look more like for young adults to draw in like rebel kids overall as part of why it become so popular with the SEGA fans of the past overall.

Sonic is all about speed for his main skills but tails the  Fox which flys is more about doing air attacks or like how a chess master would play the part of the character in this kind of retro game but this can make playing as tails a lot of fun in some cases overall but in direct combat, he can become weaker compared to Sonic straight into action fighting system overall.

Knuckle is red coloured version of Sonic he was more I guess you could call him like antihero to start with to try and draw in teens who are going through the bad phase which is part of why so many people picked him instead of Sonic plus he can folate which is cool to see and play as well.

Knuckle for many people is their favorite Sonic character overall which does make sense since he can do all Sonic can do more less except he can folate or has some of the time slower speed for many other people he can make win against bosses in most cases very easy which is a good thing to happen in a fast paced sort of game like this kind of platformer overall.,

The bosses in this game are both fun and existing and the computer sort of effects of  the Eggman in regards to how he looks is very fun to fight in the games overall some require just jumping until you win but others can sometimes require a more strategic sort of fighting approach to win the boss fight some of the time which is part of why the boss matches are so popular for gamers young and old a like.

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