Why is Attestation Required and What Does it Mean

Why is Attestation Required and What Does it Mean

You may be familiar with the word attestation. Many people are aware that what attestation is, and many are unaware of it. The word is not so hard to understand as it seems to be. Here you will come to know about attestation and its importance. So let us go through the proper meaning of attestation and know how and why it is required. 

What is Attestation

Attestation is a proof or evidence of something. Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, school documents, visa and other proofs includes a stamp or a signature that gives the document an authenticity of being real and original. The person who is certifying the document, personally verifies the legacy of it that can be further used for several purposes. In short, it is the witness and confirmation of the document that they are true and valid.     

Why is Attestation Required?

Nowadays attestation is necessary for even admitting your child in the school or getting the visa for abroad. You need the embassy permission from your county on your personal documents to go foreign. The attestation letter should be short and to the point with the stamp or signature of the personnel. The person eligible for attestation is any central or state government employee who has Group A service rules. The attested document will be a proof that you are not doing any fraudulent work. 

Types of Attestation

The requirement of attestation services in India is not only limited to government and judicial purposes rather than it, the documents are also used for opening a bank account, working overseas, owning a company and even for study visa, work, visa or residence visa. If we go through the types of attestation then there are many of them. Here are some of the types of attestation that are needed for different works in the country and abroad. 

Embassy Attestation:

The embassy attestation is for those who are planning to visit abroad or deciding to study and work there. The attestation is done by the officials of the respective country for which the documents are being attested. Certain documents with stamps and signatures are required that are attested at a special department by the officials of the embassy.    

Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

It is a type of business visa that is attested by higher authorities with a stamp backside the document. It is done on the commercial documents that gives a legal proof of your entrepreneurship and can be further used in the business. They are eligible for local businessmen as well as for those who are going for overseas business.  

Notary Attestation:

The notary attestation provides credibility to the document by providing a signature or stamp on it. The attention provides the legacy to the document that is mandatory for business purposes. Notary attestation is the most basic document that is needed for the legalization of the document. Certain personnel or officials such as lawyers have the right regarding notary. 

MEA Attestation:

The general Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) provides attestation that is valid throughout India as well as foreign countries. It is considered to be the last level of authentication from your own country. It deals with the foreign affairs too. The document is attested by the MEA as per the requirement of the applicant.   

HRD Attestation:

The Human Resource Department handles the work of attesting the educational documents and certificates in the country. It is a legalization process that is used to attest the documents for further academic needs. HRD attestation is done by the HRD department present in the state that is the first step towards the legalization of the educational documents. 

The process is not only limited to this there are many more different types of attestation that are needed to give your document a proper legacy. The procedure of attestation starts from notary and ends at the embassy attestation. Either it’s a commercial or non-commercial document attestation, the process remains the same. Visit the particular department and get your document attested for business purpose or any other commercial purpose. 

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