What Are The Dubai Warehouse Jobs Available For Indians?

Dubai city is becoming one of the preferred cities to settle by ex-pats of this world. Many people from India work in warehousing jobs and wish to settle here later. This city is a safe and secured one for the NRIs. Many Indians feel proud to live and work in A++ cities like Dubai. Once you come and work here, your Dubai dream will come true as you have vast employment opportunities in the warehouse and logistic companies.

Warehouse Jobs in Dubai with Salary  

The recruitment for is warehousing jobs in Dubai available via Dubai-based job portals and placement agents. It is advisable to check the salary offered for various job positions available warehouse jobs. Warehousing company needs loaders, lift operators, packers, trolley movers, quality checkers, scanners, material pickers, warehouse managers, drivers, MIS executives, logistic managers, fire and safety managers, CCTV surveillance operators, guards, operation managers, and supervisors. A warehouse loader’s minimum salary is from 1,950 AED to 2500 AED. It is inclusive of food, accommodation, and local transit, if any.

The maximum salary for the operation level staff is up to 4000 AED. Either warehouse managers and above can get 3000+ AED as salary. They are tax-free, and you will have many savings. Many of the warehouses function 24/7, 365 days a year. Others might work two shifts. There might not be night work.  

Warehousing Companies in Dubai

The e-commerce channels have been growing in retail and other industries since 2000 in Dubai. Thus, there are vast business opportunities for warehousing companies to meet the logistic needs of e-retailers to hold stock and distribute them through delivery channels to the end consumers or allied businesses. Such companies are limited, multinational online stores, logistics, and Dubai-based warehouse companies.

Warehousing jobs are available for thousands every year. New company needs some experienced staff in senior positions and skilled workers to work on the floor, which can be fresher have or experienced. Thus, job vacancies in the warehouse are open year around. The existing workers do shift jobs if they find a higher salary pack and benefits given to employees by the same industry or any other sectors.

How to apply for warehousing jobs in Dubai?

Online Job Portals

The Indians from India must visit Dubai-based job portals. They are free to register as job seekers. It would help if you could register in the top 10 job portals and get alerts for warehousing jobs in Dubai first. If you can find an employer number, it is advisable to contact HR and speak to them. They will conduct a telephonic interview via video call in the final stage. Such a job portal is the trusted place to upload your educational, work experience certificates, and biodata.

These jobs freshers can also apply in Dubai. Registering in overseas job portals where UAE is included in their country-wise category is not advisable. Such online overseas job portals ask you to become a premium member or a paid user. They go away with your registration fee.

Local Agents in India

Many overseas job consultants are present in India. They are also trusted if they do not take any charges from you. It will help to check their credibility in placing candidates from India. They might have warehousing jobs for the companies they have a tie-up. Getting a warehouse job with flight tickets and work permits will be better. 

Today, warehousing jobs in Dubai are in demand. The retailers and suppliers are procuring more warehouses in Dubai. It is to make a same-day delivery channel in Dubai City and its suburban areas. They need to employ 24/7, 365-days a year working staff in shifts to meet the e-retailers consumer’s demand for goods delivery. Thus, check your eligibility and apply when you have a valid passport and sufficient cash to meet your expenses in Dubai until you get your first salary as a reputed company’s warehouse employee.  

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