Top 10 Sites to Hire Dedicated Developers at Attractive Price

A vital component of any organisation is web development. It gives your company the exposure it requires. A web development agency can help you build your website, but you can hire a freelancer from a digital platform. We advise using a freelancer because they are more affordable, have greater industry knowledge, and are committed to their task.

Let’s rapidly jump into the blog’s core to see the top 10 sites where you can hire dedicated developers at an amazing rate. 

List of top 10 sites to hire dedicated developers 

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 sites where you can hire dedicated developers. These are the terminus for many small businesses and startups where they can hire developers. 


The excellent freelancing website Toptal was established in 2010. It facilitates communication between companies, hiring managers, and talented independent developers for various tasks. For companies, who want to hire dedicated developers, toptal is the best app you can choose. This freelance platform was primarily developed for a talent pool of solely tech specialists and independent contractors.

Only competent developers are accepted onto this platform because of its stringent hiring procedures. Businesses can find programmers with various skill sets on this recruiting site who are adept in well-known coding languages, including Java, PHP, Python, React, and Swift.

Dev Technosys 

One of the biggest and most reputable developer communities online is Dev Technosys. It has a brilliant group of skilled developers with practical expertise in creating solutions using the most recent tools and technologies. You can hire mobile app developers to develop your application or software from this website. 

You can also hire dedicated developers hourly, weekly, monthly, offsite, or onsite. It has developers with years of experience and in-depth knowledge in their related fields. Additionally, they hold IT certifications and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge development trends and leading development syntaxes.


It is one of the most popular sites to hire dedicated developers. With over 12 million members, Upwork is a well-known marketplace for independent contractors. Clients and freelancers can connect on this platform.

The algorithm used by Upwork sorts developers according to your job specifications or vice versa. You have the choice to interview the shortlisted applicants before moving on with the project with the most qualified one. Given the magnitude of the business, quality is a constant concern.

The platform also has a 20% commission or fee, which is a drawback. Employers should factor this sum into their budget when planning to recruit specialised developers. 

There are more than 50 million registered users on Freelancer, along with millions of jobs that have been posted and thousands of projects that have been finished. But with that magnitude comes a challenge: Much like Upwork, finding a fantastic developer could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even though website development is one of the most sought-after work categories on Freelancer, you must still sift through countless profiles, screen and interview potential employees, and handle payment arrangements on your own.

However, Freelancer is an excellent recruiting choice if you’re searching for a low cost and short-term purpose. You can hire a dedicated team of developers from 


Despite being a social networking site, LinkedIn also works well for hiring independent software developers. The more connections you have, the more probable you will find the ideal developer employment alternative.

There are more than 590 million active members on LinkedIn, spread across more than 200 nations. It is a popular platform for looking for independent developers because it offers a large database of job seekers.

You can look at the freelancers’ suggestions, send a secure message, utilise intuitive search criteria, upgrade to premium versions for extra capabilities, and many other things. Additionally, hiring developers via LinkedIn is free.


A Hired website gives businesses access to a well-organised list of highly qualified candidates who have all been thoroughly vetted for their qualifications in terms of education, work history, and salary expectations. To save time and avoid prejudice, transparent discussions benefit from disclosing both parties’ expectations and information upfront. 

Employers benefit when finding web developers quickly since candidates are evaluated based on assessments of their practical skills. A business can hire a web developer even when the website is still being developed. Dedicated developers from this site are skilled in Application Maintenance and Support. 


A marketplace for on-demand digital freelancing services, including music, audio, programming, and tech, can be found at It is ideal for people wishing to work with developers on brief assignments. 

The recruiting and screening procedures in this freelance marketplace are completely the employer’s responsibility, yet Fiverr is a reputable marketplace. If a client is dissatisfied with the Freelancer’s calibre of work, Fiverr even offers to return the employer’s money.

It also has a top-notch customer support staff. In addition, you can keep a time log to monitor the amount of time that independent contractors spend working on your project. You can hire app developers also from Fiverr. 


With more than 60 million registered tech workers, Dice is a reputable tech employment board where you can hire dedicated developers. With millions of unique visitors per month, Dice enjoys a large amount of traffic to its website. 

Although posting a job listing costs $395 per one, Dice can increase the visibility of your company’s open positions on their website, social media platforms, and extended network, allowing you to find the best candidates. It offers sourcing and screening as part of their recruitment package. is another popular website to hire dedicated developers. is a fast-expanding network for independent developers. It chooses the freelancers it makes available based on technical evaluations, recommendations from past coworkers, and thorough checks to ensure that users get the greatest candidate pool possible.

Once a job description is posted, potential developers can instantly link with users. It can then communicate with each candidate individually or request a free skills demo to determine if they’re a good fit. Once you’ve chosen a freelance developer, also provides in-depth analytics so you can monitor their work and progress.


With the help of RemoteOK, organisations can easily hire some of the most brilliant freelance developers from across the globe. One million employers and professionals currently utilise RemoteOK, founded in 2015. RemoteOK has catered to well-known brands like Microsoft, Starbucks, and many more to establish itself in the market.

Businesses can locate developers on RemoteOK proficient in various coding languages, starting with Java and Python and even possessing the skills needed for platforms for mobile development. Finding developers for difficult and important tasks is quite easy with RemoteOK. Along with thoughtfully chosen add-ons, it offers variable pricing.


For startups and well-established businesses, finding the proper developer is essential. In this blog post, we have briefly discussed the top 10 sites where you can hire dedicated developers at an affordable rate. Finding the ideal staff is easier now that so many platforms are available and various products.

 If you want to build your own website like the above, you can choose a mobile app development company that provides dedicated developers. 

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