The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of social networks, especially Instagram, is the number of followers. In order to have a successful business on Instagram platform, the number of followers of your page must be high. The more it is, the more successful you will be and the more profit you will make.

To get a lot of followers, advertising is the first option. With very fast advertising, you can experience high growth in a short period of time. Of course, if it is done with a high budget and principles. But there are other methods, such as buying Instagram followers, which is less expensive and you can increase the number of followers on your Instagram page much faster than advertising. 

Why buy Instagram followers at all? Does it really make sense?

Buying Instagram followers is one of the ways that you can get a high number of followers on Instagram very quickly and easily. In fact, the best way to increase the followers of your Instagram page is to buy followers. Many businesses and people who have a business page on Instagram, their main concern is the number of followers on their page. It is really logical because the more customers a business has, the higher its sales and ultimately its profitability will be. 

Is it good to buy Instagram followers or buy an Instagram page?

Many friends have doubts between buying Instagram followers for their current page and buying a ready-made Instagram page. Don’t know which one is better?!

Buying an Instagram page is useful for people who only plan to build a brand on Instagram and do not sell products! Because most of the pages that are bought and sold have fake and inactive followers. Of course, I must also say that there are pages that have real and active followers, but they are much more expensive.

But if you have a page right now and your only concern is the number of followers on your page, it is recommended to buy Instagram followers. Because it is cheaper than buying a page and you have your own main page and its content.

What is the advantage of buying Instagram followers over advertising?

As you can see, advertising on Instagram costs a lot, and after all, not everyone has a large budget for advertising at the beginning. Also, many pages that have non-public topics cannot get good results from advertising. In general, advertising on Instagram involves a lot of expenses and you have to do a lot of A/B testing to find the ads that will finally work. This will also take time.

But the advantage of buying Instagram followers over advertising is that everything happens very quickly. That is, when you buy Instagram followers, all the followers you requested will enter your page on the same day. If time is important to you and you want to be seen on Instagram much faster, buying Instagram followers is a better option than advertising.

Important tips that you should know before buying Instagram followers!

Before buying Instagram followers, there are a series of important points that if you don’t pay attention to them, you may not get good feedback. In the following, I will mention these points for you.

Page preparation before buying followers

Before buying Instagram followers, try to publish at least 20 to 30 posts on your page. This will make your page not recognized by Instagram as a spam page!

Buying mass followers in one day is prohibited!

Do not buy the number of followers you want at once! If, for example, 20 thousand followers are added to your page in one day and no followers are attracted to your page in the following days, Instagram will doubt you and may disable your page.

Buy Instagram likes for posts

According to the number of followers you attract, you should also buy likes for your posts. Try to get at least 30% likes from your total followers for your posts.

Monitoring the page after buying followers

After you have registered your order to buy followers, be sure to check to see if the number of followers you requested has been added to your page or not! After checking, try to buy a certain number of followers in the following days so that the process of attracting followers on your page will appear natural.

Buy Instagram followers from a reliable site!

Be sure to buy Instagram followers from reliable and old sites. Because recently there have been many follower buying sites and it has become difficult to determine whether they are valid or not. Most of the unreliable sites in this field sell fake and cheap followers, which cause serious damage to your page.

The best sites to buy real Instagram followers in Malaysia

Since the demand for buying followers is high, the number of sites selling followers in Malaysia is increasing day by day. This case has made it very difficult to identify reliable sites in the field of buying Instagram followers.

For this reason, I decided to introduce to you the sites that are reliable and sell real and active Instagram followers with the conducted reviews. In the following, I will introduce you the best site to buy Instagram followers in Malaysia. So be with me.


The SmmStore site with more than 5 years of history in the field of Instagram services is considered one of the oldest and best sites for buying Instagram followers in UK. All kinds of Instagram followers with different qualities are sold on this site.


One of the best sites for buying followers in Malaysia is the site for buying followers on Instagram with 7 years of experience. The quality of service and support in this site is high. There is no money back guarantee on this site, and perhaps this is one of the biggest flaws of this site.

Summary and conclusion

In this article, I tried to introduce you to the best sites for buying Instagram followers. If you are looking for the best site to buy followers, we recommend the BuyIGFollowersMalaysia site. Because it is valid and has been working in this field for years. In addition, it has very reasonable prices compared to other sites.

I hope you have benefited from this article. If you have any questions about buying followers from the sites introduced in this article, be sure to ask through the site’s online chat, we will answer you very quickly.

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