How To Choose Trendy Eyeglasses Online According to Your Face-Shape

Eyeglasses are not meant only for people who have poor eyesight. If you belong to an IT field or often use your phone or laptop for a long time, you need spectacles to protect your eyes.

Harmful blue rays are generated by the screen of your devices that can damageF your eyes permanently; you need high quality reading glasses that don’t trap the blue rays coming from the screen.

Apart from that, people face problems in choosing their eyeglasses, and it becomes difficult to choose a perfect frame according to the shape of the face. To make your task easy, we have come up with a solution on how to choose trendy eyeglasses online according to your face shape.

Tips To Choose Eyeglasses Online That Complements Face-Shape

Choosing spectacles or sunglasses online can be confusing as you can’t try them physically. However, many companies use face recognition technology that scans your face and presents the best frame for you. But this is not so accurate and needs to improve more to have a better experience. Here are some best tips to keep in mind while purchasing eyeglasses online.

Round-Shaped Face 

Round-shaped people need to buy glasses that complement the smooth and curved features of the face. It becomes very difficult for them as they have a limited choice of eyewear that suits their face. So, it is suggested that they should have a metal style or bold with colorful acetate that can highlight the eye. In addition, it makes them look a little slim and lighter and avoids the bulkiness of the face.

Base-Down Triangular Face

It becomes very difficult to find perfect eyewear due to the shape of the face. They have a narrow forehead and widened cheeks and chin areas that make them unusual from others. So, they recommend wider frames that can emphasize the narrow upper part of the face and balance the shape of the face. A heavily designed frame with color and detailing on the upper portion of the frame suits their face. You are to have a cat-eye-shaped spectacle to fulfill all the demands that your face needs for a perfect look.

Oval-Shaped Face

An oval shape is an ideal face with smooth and regular lines that make it look beautiful. This type of face is fortunately made up of every type of eyewear, and one can have a variety of frames. But the best recommendation is to have a wider frame that will make your face lighter. Walnut-shaped frame can be an ideal option, but it should not be too deep and narrow, as your spectacles will be highlighted over your face.

Square-Shaped Face

Square-Shaped Face is considered the most handsome and muscular that has a strong jaw and broad forehead. These types of people have an appealing face and can influence any people they want. Their width and length are roughly the same proportion and need a frame that can make them more attractive. According to the trend, they should wear spectacles that have more width than length and a little oval from the corners. It complements the rectangular jawline, and the oval shape makes a face a little curvy.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-Shaped Face people are one of the most beautiful faces, and every type of spectacle suits them. They have a wider forehead and a thinner chin which makes them look like a heart. Considering the shape, they must have frames wider at the bottom. Mostly light color and rimless frames are suggested for heart-shaped people, which gives an airy appearance are provide a good look.

Diamond-Shaped Face

It is one of the rear faces, which are narrow at the forehead and jawline, and their cheekbones are high and dramatic. It’s very difficult to find perfect eyeglasses as their face is not common, and one rarely designs the frame as the demand is not so high. But, it is strongly recommended that they should have rimless spectacles with oval or cat-eye-shaped frames. These types of frames complement their face and enhance their look more.

Eyeglasses Matching The Color Complications

Once you have recognized whether you are cool or warm, it will become easy to choose the color that suits your personality. If you are worm colored person, then you can wear light color frames like pink, blue, and red. For a cool complexion, people are advised to have a soothing color frame like green, bronze, yellowish, and golden. These all tips can enhance the personality and make them more attractive than other people. And the people having a natural undertone can use the combination of both color frames that will suit their personality. They are so fortunate that every color of eyewear suits their image and provides them with a perfect look at any situation.

Final Verdict

Finding spectacles online is difficult for many people and especially to buy kids’ sunglasses as they have a small faces. It becomes more difficult because their facial shape keeps on changing in their growing stage. Apart from that, many people don’t know how to choose the frame according to their skin tone and usually make mistakes. In this article, we have mentioned complete information about choosing trendy eyeglasses from the online marketplace. 

Additionally, your glasses need to be handled carefully as they are very expensive and lenses can break. So, maintain your eyewear and clean them frequently by using a microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses properly.

In today’s time, several companies are using face recognition AI that scans the face and offers the best frames that suit your personality. Though they have become so advanced, they still can’t work perfectly, and you need to use your mind while purchasing.

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