How to Approach Your Seniors in College: A Guide for Beginners

How to Approach Your Seniors in College: A Guide for Beginners

College brings up a new environment in your academic life. For beginners, the first year in college seems like a world filled with never-ending possibilities. On the other hand, several complex situations first-year students often face when classes begin. Well, one of these situations is approaching the senior students in a degree college in Kolkata. You just need a dash of courage and a bit of guidance to navigate the odd situation.

Remember that your seniors in college have spent substantial time in the same educational institution. So, they are likely to be loaded with knowledge and experience. Try to respect their opinions and learn to move ahead with the changing perspectives of college life.

Read on to learn how to approach your college seniors with confidence:

  1. Feel confident and be proactive

Approaching a senior may leave you with clasping wrists and nerve-wracking, especially when you are taking the first step. No matter how bad the situation may be, you need to become one looking and feeling confident when introducing yourself. The more confident you feel the better you look and the sharper the eye contact. If you are ready to create the first impression, you need to come out as a proactive person.

  • Start with a smile and listen actively

There is no denying that a friendly demeanour can make a big difference, so you need to start with a smile at first and ensure that your body language is appropriate. After all, the seniors may have been through a similar situation in the past and realise the agony you are going thorough. A polite and friendly approach is an excellent way to begin the conversation. Once you start interacting with the person, try to listen carefully to what the person is saying. You need to ask questions based on what you listen to, so expressing genuine interest at first may bring the situation in your favour. When you search for Ladies College in West Bengal, search for references from the students of previous years.

  • Interact respectfully

Don’t forget that your seniors will have more knowledge and experience academically and otherwise. Therefore, you need to show respect and learn from them, about college and studies. Chances are that they may be more sensitive to disrespect and rudeness. Recognising the level of seniority at different levels may be the icebreaker. For instance, you may suddenly discover that your senior also excels in sports, making you feel more comfortable. When you come across such opportunities, try to seek their guidance about participating in these events. When enrolling in a degree college for women, you need to gain knowledge about the culture and the social scenario in this educational institution.

  • Seek guidance

An excellent way to begin interacting with seniors is by seeking guidance about academic activities at the women’s degree college in Kolkata. The reason why they offer valuable insights about the studies, exams, and the faculty is that they have been through it for a longer time. However, don’t just go and approach a senior without any preparation. Make sure you have researched the topics on which you are planning to interact with them. Try to become familiar with the campus, the academic programmes, and the existing student union that will help you connect with the senior students. If you are actively participating in career-oriented programmes, you can discuss them as well.

Guidance is not limited to academic activities only but spreads to other areas as well. By participating in extracurricular activities, you will feel that it is easier to connect with the seniors to pursue your hobbies and interests. You can also join organisations and clubs that offer mentorship programmes to first-year students. Senior students usually guide the junior students about the extracurricular activities in the college and encourage them to participate. Don’t feel shy about voicing your concerns; seniors have been through all this and would be ready to share knowledge and wisdom.

  • Engage in informal talks

Don’t limit yourself to structured conversations only. To strike up a conversation, the topics need to vary and can range from weekend plans to impromptu games. That way, you can open doors to a meaningful friendship and build genuine connections.

Approaching the seniors in college is a tough nut to crack although there are ways to make the experience genuinely rewarding. Interacting with college seniors contributes to your academic progress and helps you enter an established social culture. After enroling in a professional studies course, you need to show your interest during initial conversations and seek guidance actively to establish a positive approach. It is the best step you can take to make the college experience worthwhile.

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