How Streaming Apps Are Celebrating Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you started your preparations for the best Halloween night with your friends? It is one of the world-famous spookiest times of the year. Hence, watching horror movies is a good choice if you plan to celebrate Halloween night with your friends and family. 

Streaming apps are getting into the spirit of this season. Celebrating Halloween is fun, and the streaming apps are going beyond this Halloween season. However, Streaming apps are celebrating this Halloween season with some events. 

We will explore how the streaming apps are celebrating Halloween with full excitement. The streaming platforms offer a variety of treats for their viewers. From horror movies to creepy original series, they have all for you. Let’s see how some top streaming apps celebrate this Halloween. 

Celebrate this Halloween with the Best Streaming Apps 

Let’s explore how the streaming apps are celebrating this Halloween. Some streaming apps create events specifically for Halloween and help you sort out your Halloween must-watch shows. 

HBO Max 

HBO Max is going to celebrate this Halloween season with a bunch of spooky and thrilling content. They have created an album with the name “House of Halloween.” In this album, the viewers can enjoy their Halloween movie collection. 

However, the collection includes scary movies, horror series and chilling documentaries. Imagine yourself celebrating Halloween night with your friends on HBO Max Indonesia. HBO Max has special Halloween-themed events to make this Halloween a memorable one.  

So, HBO Max is a great way to get your Halloween fixed. However, if you struggle to access HBO Max in Indonesia, try it with a premium VPN. HBO has something for you in this Halloween season! 


Celebrate your make with Netflix to make your Halloween an interesting one. Do you know how Netflix is celebrating this Halloween season? Netflix is celebrating Halloween with a lot of thrilling and spookiest content. 

However, this year’s Halloween on Netflix is no exception for the Halloween enthusiast. They are adding classic horror and thrilling movies to their catalog name, “Halloween Hub.” 

Additionally, Netflix also released some new seasons of popular series like “Stranger Things” to enjoy while having a Halloween party. Hence, it is a one-stop shop for horror and thrilling content. So, it is a must-visit for you in this Halloween season. 


Disney+ celebrates its fourth special annual event, “Hallowstream” this year.  However, it promises to be more chilling than ever. The Halloween Collection on Disney+ will offer highly-anticipated new releases like the streaming debut of the hit film Disney’s “Haunted Mansion.” 

Disney+ subscribers can also stream last year’s breakout hit Original movie “Hocus Pocus 2,” the complete “The Simpsons.” Treehouse of Horror Collection, the “Dancing with the Stars: Halloween Episode.” 

Additionally, they are releasing some new Halloween-themed episodes for some of the beloved series. They just want to ensure families can enjoy Halloween with spooky fun together. 


Hulu is celebrating this Halloween season by arranging a special event, “Huluween.” They celebrate this special event annually every Halloween season. However, Hulu provides viewers with exciting and thrilling content to watch this Halloween. 

Additionally, Hulu provides their subscribers a great treat by celebrating Huluween content premiers. It has a wide variety of horror films. They are offering creepy classics, new releases and exclusive originals. 

This year, the Huluween library will be packed with new titles throughout the month. Ranging from the new animated “Fright Krewe” series to frightful films “Appendage” and “The Mill” to the real-life horror story “Monster Inside: America’s Most Extreme Haunted House.” Hence, it is a worthwhile platform featuring spooky shows, movies, and virtual events. 


Do you know about Crunchyroll? Crunchyroll is a popular streaming app that provides quality content for its viewers. However, it treats its fans with a wide range of free horror-themed entertainment this Halloween. 

Moreover, anime fans can get their Halloween fix on Crunchyroll. They are celebrating Halloween by streaming free anime movies. However, it also offers a variety of spooky-themed anime series that are perfect for the season. 

Additionally, Crunchyroll announced that it will offer a carefully selected collection of spooky entertainment. These programs will be running from October 1 all the way to Halloween. This service will be free to any member with a basic account on their platform.

Wrapping Up 

Are you excited for this Halloween party? The above streaming apps treat you with special Halloween events. You can find the best horror and thrilling movies on these best streaming apps. 

Start preparing for the perfect Halloween night with your friends and family. Don’t forget to decorate your room with the Halloween theme. That will help you enjoy the movies more. 

Whether you are a fan of horror classic movies or creepy series, these streaming apps have all the content available. So, prepare for the Halloween movie night with the dim lights and some popcorn. Let the Halloween streaming festivities begin! 

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