How Prenatal Massage Can Enhance Your Well-Being in Pregnancy?

Are you newly pregnant? Congratulations on the exciting news and we are happy for you as well. Pregnancy is indeed a special time and the nine-month wait to unite with your little one is one of the loveliest moments you spend together.

However, gestating comes with a plethora of complications like swelling, pain, and stress. That is why a massage therapy in Richmond might come to help. Wondering if it is actually beneficial? Well, there is expansive research supporting the advantages of massage therapy during pregnancy. Not only is massage helpful during the prenatal period but also aids labor and helps women relax in postpartum periods.

Best full body massage for pregnant women:

The therapeutic benefits of massage are immense and the technique has been used for centuries to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall well-being.  However, Richmond massage therapy offers plenty of other benefits to eventually improve the outcome of labor. Read on to discover how massage therapy works wonderfully for women during the prenatal stage:

  • Regulation of hormones

Studies conducted during the last decade show that the hormones associated with feelings of stress and relaxation can be altered with massage therapy. It helps in regulating the mood and improving cardiovascular health in pregnant women. Research shows that women receive the best full body massage therapy twice a week and it continues for about five weeks, hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine that are associated with stress are reduced after receiving the therapy.

On the other hand, levels of dopamine and serotonin increase. The changes in hormone levels lead to fewer complications during birth and also safeguard the baby. This shows that both the mother and the baby benefit from therapeutic massage.

  • Improving nerve pain

Women often experience sciatic pain during late pregnancy when the uterus touches the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. Naturally, the pressure that is created dissipates to the lower and upper leg muscles, causing them to become inflamed. This often impacts the nearby nerves and you feel the pain. With massage therapy, you can reduce inflammation on the nerves by releasing muscle tension. Evidence shows that women experiencing significant nerve pain have found relief after receiving massage therapy.

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain

Pregnancy massage reduces joint and muscle pain and moves muscles flexibly. During the later stage of pregnancy, you tend to become immovable. One of the benefits of pregnancy massage is that it helps soothe pains and aches and makes you comfortable during the prenatal massage. Get the best massage therapy near me from a reputed clinic to relax during pregnancy.

  • Adapt to the changes comfortably

Adapting to the symptoms of different stages of pregnancy is one of the toughest challenges that women face. As the baby grows and the abdomen continues to expand, it’s time to enjoy the movements of the baby. While the body makes room to adapt to those changes, aches and pains associated with abdomen, hip, sciatic nerve, oedema, and back pain can be reduced with body and foot massage near me.

Benefits of massage for typical complaints during pregnancy

The typical changes occurring in a pregnant women’s body due to structural and hormonal changes can be improved with massage therapies. However, experts often modify those techniques to let women feel more comfortable:

  • Heartburn

To ease the reflux, propping under the abdomen is highly recommended. However, the woman needs to lie sidewise so that the abdomen can be lifted a bit. That way, releasing the tension from the gastric sphincter helps in alleviating the symptoms of heartburn.

  • Morning sickness

The initial stage of pregnancy is usually associated with morning sickness symptoms. However, the massage technique needs to elevate the body and avoid techniques that make the body rock or shake.

  • Gestational diabetes

The blood sugar level tends to rise during pregnancy but massage therapy can bring it under control.  Pregnant women need to check their glucose levels before and after receiving a few sessions of massage to know how effective the massage therapy is.

  • Low back pain

Low back pain is a mundane health issue associated with pregnancy for which massage therapy works wonderfully.

Positioning is important for pregnant women receiving Richmond massage therapy. Usually, lying on the left side is recommended as it ensures the safety of the fetus and aids in placental circulation. Experts employ a wide variety of strokes that address the discomfort, pain, and aches for maximum comfort.

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